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HOWTO: Keeping TK shins in place


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I have had a few people in my Garrison copy this idea so I thought I would post it here for FISD members too :)


Do you have an issue with keeping TK shins in place? More specifically stopping the shin armor from moving up and above your boots? I know I did!


When I had this problem I investigated a few different options, I first tried the hook velcro on boot & loop velcro on inner shin combo, whilst this did help I found that walking up and down stairs a couple of times was enough for it to come apart. So I've improved on this with a "stirrup" setup.. The following setup has been tested with many troops (and stairs!) and I have had no issues with riding or twisting :)


Here is what I did...

I made stirrups for each leg using a length of 1inch wide high density elastic, this was glued and stitched to a 50mm x 50mm square of hook velcro.


Then I glued and stitched a 50mm x 50mm square of loop velcro to a piece of nylon strapping the same size. Then glued this into the front of each shin just above the top of the boot line.


When attached it looks like this


This way you can have a "stirrup" setup but you can also put your boots on first :)



Then attach the velcro before closing your shins as normal


The elastic allows for plenty of movement and pulls the shin back into place if it rides up



Hope this helps someone

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I'm going to try this if what I did doesn't work out. I put a small eyelet in the tongue of the boot and an elastic strap with a hook at the end on the inside of the thigh armor to attach the boot to. I wanted to ensure the armor didn't go up and over the boot.

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