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  1. I have 2 sets of Imperial boots. No problems with the first set, holding up very well after 55 troops. But I still purchased a second set as a spare.
  2. dak

    Official FO TK Ideas Thread

    Has anybody heard any more on a FO racing shirt?
  3. dak

    Hi I ordered 3 Riot Control coins and sent funds via PP Angela Brown (VA) have they been sent yet?

  4. I have ordered twice from them and each time it has all been good. Delivery times is as they stated. Nothing but good service. Super products!
  5. I've never yet had to worry about my bin as it is left with other 501st folks in a secured change area. But if I have a parking lot change from my van I put my car keys on a lanyard around my next under my chest. No problem.
  6. dak

    Official FO TK Ideas Thread

    Yes Yes Yes Sign me up. I'll take a few and a shirt.. post when all ready to purchase!
  7. dak

    TK1636 KB FO build

    Yep following vids.
  8. dak

    Wal-Mart TK Boots?

    The new wave opens March 2 for Imperial Boots. Best products and service.
  9. dak

    Official FO TK Ideas Thread

    following this. like the idea of adding first order to the racing shirt
  10. dak

    Tim's Phasma Build

    Amazon has a Anovos helmet. A lot $$$ https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Awakens-Captain-Standard/dp/B071HWDXS7/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_193_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=9TVXCK71GNBPFARVSD19 Another place .. $$ http://www.brianstoys.com/pre-order-force-awakens-boxed-captain-phasma-helmet-by-anovos.html#.WlOkUmeWxRB
  11. There is a company that claim they can make small size boots down size 5. I have not done business with them, so you will need to. Here is the website site. http://crowprops.bigcartel.com/product/royal-guard-boots
  12. dak

    FN gaskets by IB

    A Yes here. Sign me up!
  13. Looking good. Following
  14. dak

    Accurate 3d printed First Order Stormtrooper

    Following this and WOW
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