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  1. If you buy the real leather replica MP40 magazine pouches from Blaster8266 on MEPD, they come with black lightweight wood inserts already. They're a little more expensive, but I like that I can use them when I go Sandy someday, and already be at the highest accuracy level.
  2. The curve in on the shoulders of the Anovos backplate is insane. Only the smallest troopers, who can literally let it rest on top of their shoulders, are going to be happy with the stock curve. I'd highly recommend removing some return edge, and giving the nubs a hot water bath to straighten them a bit.
  3. The toy looks surprisingly close, but there are a few differences to the on-screen blaster. Fairly minor, but present.
  4. What Sly said. There's no rules... however it fits you best. I like some, visually, but if it's causing problems with fit, have no compunction about removing some or all. Personally, I'd recommend leaving it like you have it, and waiting to see how everything fits together, once you have the rigging done. If all is well, no need to remove more. If you need to tweak anything, it's an easy fix, and doing it later doesn't cause any harm.
  5. 'Sup, Justin! I'm curious about this build... wish I had known about it! I look forward to following this, though, and seeing the final product.
  6. You know, I just realized that you already put the sniper knee on. For some reason I was focused on the earlier photos, and thought I had time to warn you, but no. So it's your call, really. As long as they seem to fit you ok, it's one of those teeny tiny details that only 5 FISD members out of 100 would even notice, let alone the general public. Definitely doesn't affect approval, even all the way to Centurion. So it depends on how much it bothers you (if at all), as to whether it's worth fixing.
  7. Just a tip for the shins: The longer edge goes on the INSIDE of the leg, counter to what most would guess. I think you were wearing them backwards when they were taped up, and they were also swapped in the finished photo. Definitely reinforce those brackets on the inside. Anovos armor is very thin, and the screen-used bracketing system is hard on thin armor.
  8. Are you sure you don't mean 24-26 years? LOL
  9. This is great! Thanks for sharing it with us!
  10. Anovos plastic polish? Is that a new thing, or did you mean Novus?
  11. LOL that was my first thought when I saw those. "Well, those aren't going to stay put very well!"
  12. Welcome aboard, and do let me know if I can help! There's an armor party for SoCal Garrison coming up in Pasadena on Sunday, in fact, if you're available! Even if you don't have your armor yet, you could swing by and talk to members and see others working on armor.
  13. And some people thought Death Trooper armor was expensive... LOL
  14. Welcome aboard! Looking forward to a new member of the Cult of the White Armor! LOL
  15. Thank you for the compliment. Hopefully those other plastics have another way to erase a seam (ABS paste is just one of many possibilities... the goal is erase the seam, not specifically to use ABS paste or bust), otherwise larger troopers who aspire to L3 might want to consider a different kind of armor that either fits them without need for a shim, or which is easier to alter to L3 requirements.
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