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  1. TK 14729 requesting access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20692 thanks!
  2. I'm going to try this if what I did doesn't work out. I put a small eyelet in the tongue of the boot and an elastic strap with a hook at the end on the inside of the thigh armor to attach the boot to. I wanted to ensure the armor didn't go up and over the boot.
  3. I've added some more pics to the photobucket link. I made some adjustments that aren't on there, yet. The rest will be up tomorrow when I get a chance to take them. <br><br><br> A word to everyone using the anovos velcro strap system... Ditch the thigh-ab snaps and pick up a $5 Home Depot nylon quick release tool belt (just the belt, no pouches) and turn it into a garter system for the thighs. In my case the downward pulling on the ab section was creating problems with certain motions. Separating the thighs from the main torso section has fixed all that. No issues anymore.
  4. I submitted basic approval pics via email. I'll let you all know how I made out.
  5. Reduce file size. That might be why it wouldn't save.<br><br> I'll give it shot later on tonight. <br><br> Thanks for all the help and patience with me figuring this rediculous problem of mine out. I've never had a problem with anything computer related before that I didn't figure out on my own. <br><br> As an aside, if anyone is looking at my pics on my photo bucket that I posted a link to above, I put the rivets on even though there are side gaps present as the incentive for me to finally lose some weight. I can't stand the way the gaps look, and I don't want to add shims to the sides. Without the shims, the rivets are out of place imo, but the requirements for basic doesn't specify anything about that. At least I'll hopefully get basic and then lose weight down to 1/2" gap to get EIB, then 0" gap to get centurion. I should have everything else sorted out by those milestones to achieve them by then.
  6. I'm going to have to spend some time and convert my pics to jpg then upload to photobucket then. On my computer, I had a whole post composed and all the images were showing on the preview, and then when I pressed post it came back with an error about a photo type being unsupported or something. I'll have to do it again tonight and try to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm about done with my build and would like to submit for basic approvals, that should give me the determination to get me to understand how to post images correctly. Maybe I can figure out an iPhone work through. Or something.
  7. can I link to a webpage instead of posting pics to here? I spent about 45 minutes putting a bunch of pics in a post on this thread and it came up with a blue bar saying "you are not allowed to use that image extension on this community" LOL. Now I know what computer illiterate feels like! It's always ( and has been since my first computer, a commodore vic 20) the other way around in my family.
  8. I think I figured out the thigh issue. When I get some time later I'll upload pics with my computer and try to post them. Doing it from the iPhone is almost impossible for me.
  9. I added some more pics. First fitting and noticed several things. Keep in mind i haven't glued the ab buttons yet or added the white shoulder straps. I also haven't gotten my proper undersuit yet. I need to paint the buttons and don't want to glue the shoulder straps in the wrong place. They'll be on sometime this week. <br><br> I already see where I need to make adjustments all over the place: The left thigh, the chest overlap, the back-kidney strap came undogl... My weight...<br><br> I should have taken a pic of my neck seal. The anovos one didn't fit and I had one made by my mother, LOL. I picked it up just the other day and it was my first time trying it on. <br><br> The problem is going to be that thigh. I might have to cut it apart again and trim some off, or bring it up and cut part of the top.. Along with the other thigh so there not different lengths.
  10. I added more pics to that photobucket. <br><br> Tried some stuff on with strapping for the first time together. Right shoulder bell doesn't have the bicep strap on it in those pics. Also didn't put the straps from the chest to the backplate yet. There is also a pic of a 1/4 helmet and my computer. That one is probably going to be my profile pic b/c I LOLed when I took everything off to see what it looked like so far. I'm sure it's been said before, TK's Cant see anything in that thing. Couldn't even take a selfie...
  11. Man, your build is infinitely more betterer than mine! Wait a minute... I need you back building your armor so I can follow along and do mine! After I sort through this one to get my link back in order, I'm going straight over to your build thread and start putting snaps and things in their proper places and maybe take apart my belt and fix up those 2 Chicago screw holes... Where I'll likely be eating popcorn as well. LOL. link sorted out. http://s1038.photobucket.com/user/ericwolf2/library/Wolfpup%20TK?sort=3&page=1
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