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Haribon72's ANH Stormtrooper NE Hero Build


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That's what I have so far.   Here's the link to over 300 photos from the last three weeks or so.






Thanks for looking.  I appreciate your build ideas and high fives!



On the "To Do" list:


1. Finish strap system.

2. Redo thighs - it hits my knees. I might have to trim the top portions.

3. Reduce the biceps.

4. Lose weight.

5. Stop eating pizza.

6. Waiting on the green bubble lenses.

7. Work on the thermal detonator and waiting on clips.

8. Stop drinking soda and coffee at night.  

9. Scuff the boots.

10. Butt plate is hanging funny on the right.

11. My bicep strap hooks keep breaking.   Gotta get me some better ABS.

12. Glue Trooperbay rubber hand guards to gloves.

13. Test fit Eastbay bodysuit (top and pant compression).

14. Spend more time with the fiancee and work on the wedding details (hehehhe).

15. Get married this year (in my armor).   hahahahha!  yeah right...she'll cut me down!

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Your shims seem good, good job. About the drop boxes strapping it would have been better to use elastic instead of webbing, but that's fine  ^_^.


And as i understand it (4 rivets belt, bubble lenses) , you're going for a Hero Stormtrooper? But both your helmets are Stunt ones as they have 8 teeth and not 6 like the Hero helmets.

Hero on the picture's left and Stunt and the right:


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HI Germain!  Nice to see you again.  Yes, I'm happy with the shims.   Very nervous putting it together...but I got through it (version 1.0 with the homemade ABS paste).   Hopefully as I lose the gut and then cut them off.   :duim:


Yes, my Scootch helmet has 8 teeth.   Nothing I can do about that now.   At the time when I build the helmet, I did not know the difference between "stunt" and "hero".   When I get another kit, I'll aim for matching the right Hero style.    For now, I'm aiming for the first step which is basic approval.    

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Thanks Scott!    Two more weekends of wifey "to-do" list and then i'm starting up (and hopefully finishing up the build) on the April 26-27 weekend.   


New Goal:  Get basic approval before the San Jose Big Wow Comicfest (May 17-18).    http://www.bigwowcomicfest.com/

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Hello Everyone, sorry for the big long delay.



I've spend the last two days watching all the NE builds and had a long talk with the wife on finishing my build (Halloween season is getting to me because everyone is making costumes).  I have to admit there were several occasions about selling off the entire project and saying goodbye to this goal.     Now that I got more support and backing from the wife and friends, I'm picking up where I left off.    I put on my armor and came up with a new list of things to accomplish (and doing it weekend by weekend).    I've learned not to have a due date and not to rush through this (for all the new people don’t make the same mistakes as I did).    Instead, my family and I came up with a plan that will allow me to spend quality time with family, work, home projects & chores, and my build. 



So I need to ask my fellow members here for your help.   My first help will be my current thighs and calves.    Last February, I removed way too much plastic from the thighs and calves.    I’m afraid they will not meet basic approval.




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If someone can advise me on what to do, I would appreciate it.

I’m ready to re-order parts from our trusted armor makers and wait.

I tried to melt down extra plastic and add it back on.   It did not look right.


When I did the cut outs, I was copying this image from the 501st website:



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I don't see any problem with your shins.


About the 3 bumps on the ears, the red arrows on the picture belwo should help you understand:



About where to get them, you can send a PM to ATA who makes them, or TM.

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Yeah, I don't see any issue with your shins.  I did not cut mine like that, but there isn't a problem with them cut like that.  Here's a screencap:





As for the 3 bumps for a Hero helmet, it's only required to have 3 bumps for EIB and higher certification.  Base approval for ANH Hero can be 3 or 4 bumps.  I say you build the helmet with 4 bumps, and swap out the ears with a 3 bump version later when you want to get EIB.

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I actually think I'm going to put the cut-outs on my thighs and shins after the bit of research I did for that screenshot.  I think it will make my thighs and shins more comfortable to wear and easier to bend my legs.

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You do have an option with your current helmet. You have not made any permanent installations on the inside of your lid that would prevent you removing the ear screws to install "Hero" ears. The paint on your frown is not permanent either. Your ABS pate work on your side shims was fantastic! Witch care, you can glue a backer to the tooth you cut out and fill the rest with ABS paste, sand and polish it.

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Thanks Steve!  I'm proud of the shims.  I probably spent a whole weekend trying to make it look good and inspire other builders.   =)


TM is going to be helping me with the Hero ears.   I'm super thankful for his support.

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1. Paul is making the Hero ears now and will be sending them out.

2. Thighs are giving me such a fight.  Going to continue next weekend (November 7-9).

3. Bi-ceps fell apart during test fit.   Going to re-work them as well. 

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