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Haribon72's ANH Stormtrooper NE Hero Build


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Thank you FISD!    I await your thoughts and feedback.  Good Night and see you tomorrow!!!   (i'm in California .... and its like 1:50am already)...ZZzzzzzz



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Looking damn good Walter! This is very solid work here. Congratulations for having gone throughout the whole build :)


One of the only modification i would do would be to repaint the blue abdominal buttons with a brighter one (the same used on the helmet) as yours appear a bit dark. 


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Thank you Scott and Greg for cheering me on!   Its been a long build and still waiting for my Garrison's response.  I'm very nervous.


As for the thighs, this is the highest it will go.   Last year, I did so many changes to accommodate the wide circumference of my fatty thighs.   Hence, the reason I had to install shims. I tried really hard to make them look like the movie screen pictures, but I finally realized I had to make them fit me and look good for my body size.   In addition, I had to do a lot of trimming to eliminate all the armor discomfort and pinches.   Now I walk comfortably without worrying about getting stabbed in the groin. 


Also, I trimmed again so that I could put on the thighs myself.    Being a fat guy, I had so much trouble putting on the boots by myself with the thighs on first.

During my last troop with my Garrison, I saw how easy it was for them to suit up.    So I watched and practiced at home until I found a way to suit up by myself like this:


1. Thigh belt and straps first

2. Put on thighs and attach them to the thigh holder strap assembly.

3. Put on boots (this was the killer part because as I kneeled down the thighs would dig into my groin...my belly gets in the way).   :laugh1:

4. Finally put on shins (lower legs).


I'm so looking forward to the day when I get rid of all this "honeymoon" fat.

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Hello Germain, 


Thank you (as always) for showing me all the details that will bring my armor to the highest levels.

I think my living room lights didn't produce enough lighting so I brought the armor outside (thank goodness its sunny today) for another photo shoot.  Please let me know if the outdoor sunlight made a difference:


Outdoor Lighting



Indoor Lighting


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Haribon72’s Armor Information

Start Date:  December 26, 2013



Armor : NE

Helmet : NE

TK Style:  ANH Hero (inspired by Han Solo’s disguise on the Death Star)



Balaclava (black):   Under Armour


Black Compression Shirt & Pants:  EastBay.com


Blaster (E-11) : SlaveFive (FISD)


Blaster D-Ring:  TrooperBay.com


Blaster Scope Decal:  TrooperBay.com


Boots : TK Boots


Belt (white canvas) : TKittel (FISD)


Ears (Hero Three Bumps) ATA (FISD)


Gloves:  TrooperBay.com


Green Bubble Lenses:  ATA (FISD)


Hand plates (latex) : TrooperBay.com


Helmet Fan Assembly:  Echo (FISD)


Helmet Padding:  Self-made using recycled grey foam


Holster (ANH black style) : Gazmosis (FISD)


Neck Seal : Darman (FISD)


Paint (black abs buttons):  Michael’s Arts & Craft Store


Paint (blue abs buttons):  TrooperBay.com


Speaker Electronics ( Aker Voice Booster & iComm box):  TK6294 (FISD)


Split Rivets (nickel plated truss head  9/64 x ½ x 5/16):  Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet Inc. (www.rivetsinstock.com)


Storage Bin (for traveling to events):  Stanley 37†Job Box  (Model # 037025H) from Home Depot


Strap Connections:   Combination of self-made  &  MrNoStripes (FISD)


Thermal Detonator Clips:  Evilboy (FISD)


Thigh Holder Straps:   Self-made (inspired by my wife, Diana, and Jojo)


Thigh Holder Belt:  Uncle Mike’s Law Enforcement Belt from Amazon.com

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Finally crossing the finish line on February 21st, 2015

I received wonderful news from Diana as I was with my garrison during a troop.   :smiley-sw013:    I was congratulated in person by our new GCO and fellow GGG and Mandalorian Merc brothers.  What a night to feel officially welcomed as TK-61972.    Now i'm a Stormtrooper and an AT-AT Driver!



From our GML


"We have thoroughly reviewed the photos you submitted and are pleased to APPROVE WITH A REQUIREMENT of your Stormtrooper (ANH Hero) TK-61972 costume at this time. 


REQUIREMENT: Paint the latex hand plates white to match the rest of your armor. This will be confirmed at your first trooping event. Please send pictures when you have corrected this requirement."



This week I was able to complete the requirement:






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I want to say special thank you's to my FISD mentors that helped me along the way . . . 


Diana (AsBlondAsLuke)

Steve (Gazmosis)

Germain (The5thHorsemen)

Ron (Maxsteele)

Q (gmrhodes13)

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The joy in your voice as I delivered the news was the best thing ever, Walter.  So great to be a part of this journey with you.




And, now we get to go trooping in our TKs together!

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CONGRATULATIONS Walter!! I'm genuinely happy for you, you deserve it more than a lot of folks!


Go for EIB, go, go, go!! You have all what it needs to. And why stop here? Believe me, Centurion is at your very reach :)

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