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Haribon72's ANH Stormtrooper NE Hero Build


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Time to spray paint!    I found the perfect can to match my NE armor.   I'm using Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Primer & Paint (Glossy White).   I bought this from my local Home Depot.    I did a test sample on some scrap ABS and it was a perfect match. 






This is the finished look (only two coats right now).  I will be doing five coats total.



Its so hard to tell that the shims are there unless you get real real real close




That's my update for now.    Time to clean up my wife's dining room .... I mean my work space (hahahhahahh!).

Let me know what you guys think.    I'm 90% done now and I can almost see the finish line!     Good night FISD!!!

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Very nice work. I'm sure it will prove useful for future troopers.


I would just re-adjust your left forearm (yes, again... :P) and bring it higher/closer to the biceps. However, to keep your arm's mobility i would suggest you to increase the inner curve of the forearm which is pretty much inexistant right now:


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Thank you Steve! I'm so happy I got them done and fit so well now. For almost a year the thighs have given me problems. After many many tests and changes, I was able to understand the proper assembly and comfort while walking and putting them by myself. I really have to thank Diana and Jojo for helping me out. Thighs were my greatest challenge because I had to use what I had. I was afraid of making mistakes ruining them. There were times I wish I had a fresh set so I could start over. But it definitely paid off. Thanks again Steve for cheering me on!!!

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Finally...moment of truth!   Here are my TK submission photos for approval.


Bucket Off



Front View



Back View



Left Side



Right Side



Action Shots




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