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  1. Congratulations! Love seeing more and more Centurions! Looking forward to a Celebration Anaheim 2020 FISD Group Photo again!
  2. 2019. oh its going to be a long road ahead and i'm probably the last unfinished anovos kit on the planet . Happy New Year FISD =)
  3. bump to the top cause this is an awesome build thread. =)
  4. Hello Ryan, I found your build page. Now I can see your progress and follow. I hope you didn't trim too much on the thighs. We need to leave a lot of plastic meat on the back.
  5. Hello, can you build my armor? I'm just lazy. HAHAHHAHAHAH! Hello Tony! Just dropping by to say Hello!
  6. Bump to the top for those that need tutorial on the THIGH SHIMMING process for LARGE THIGHS. Hope everyone is doing well. Yes, I'm still around and happy to help those in need. I've been getting a few more private messages about large thighs and how to shim. So here it is. Enjoy!
  7. Great work Jordan! Love how you re-painted the ears! Welcome to the Legion!
  8. Great work Winston! You've done a lot of work. The staff already pointed out the required list. Looking forward to your progress and application photos.
  9. Thank you ShaSha, Tony, and Q! I have another Bay Area TK in progress. This will be a slow build. If I can get one successful Centurion through the gates this year, i'll be more than happy!
  10. Congratulations Tony! Two Official Armorers in the Bay Area!
  11. Hello Everyone, The 501st Legion will be at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018. Silicon Valley Comic Con is an annual pop culture and technology convention, at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California. Friday, April 6th Saturday, April 7th Sunday, April 8th Please stop by the legion booth to say hello! I will be onsite Saturday afternoon (4PM-6PM) to answer your TK armor questions and interest in the legion. If you want, you can share your armor for onsite tech support (please DON’T bring tools and building materials). This is an opportunity to show us your progress and get one-on-one assistance. Thank you. Walter (TK-61972)
  12. Definitely a great improvement. Armor sessions with fellow legion TK's are the best way to take photos. Like the others have said ... get that shoulder bell in place and you're already golden for approval.
  13. When I first started, I was nervous to share my TK build. But with a lot of support from the FISD staff and members, I was able to make it to Centurion. Looking forward to helping new members and welcome to the FISD!
  14. Better start painting that hanger black!!!!!!!!!! hahahahhahha! that's good one!!!
  15. hahahhahaha! Merry Christmas guys! btw.... Are we done now with the NDA stuff now? I don't anyone giving me a hard time anymore and re-reading it to me.
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