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Richard Leparmentier Funeral, Austin, TX

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Star Garrison and the Central Texas Squad had the honor of being requested to stand guard as our friend and honorary 501st Legion member Richard Leparmentier was laid to rest in Austin, TX.  The service was filled with many anecdotes about a wonderful man's life, and there was more than one reference to Admiral Motti's experience with Lord Vader :).    At the end of the service our Garrison XO, William Tatsch, presented the family with an Imperial flag, and we escorted the family out.  Not very many pictures, but the nature of the event didn't lead to very many photo ops.  (All photos by  Topher Bradfield).


TK 4796 & TK 42170 standing vigil:



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(sorry this info is a little late, but we wanted to add it)

At the Casket:
Brian Jepson - TK-42170
Jason Sager - TK-4796

Posted at Doors:
Chris Berban - TK-6427
Greg Burrow - ID-3459
Joe Cygan - SL-882
Kameron Earles - TB-7045
Josh Powers - BH-15173
William Tatsch - ISB-9076
Philip Tso - BH-7974
Brett Turner - CT-5452
Bernie Wrightson - ID-78744
Liz Wrightson - ID-3144

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