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  1. Also the frown is incorrect. Along with the ear caps.
  2. Hey John. Remember, it's easier to cut it then to grow it. Just had to remind you again.
  3. Do the conversion for basic approval, if you plan on trooping alot. Pick up a Hyperfirm, yes they cost a bit more. But it will save you in the long run. But if you are going for Centurion on the first try, get the full resin kit from Doopy's or another maker.
  4. Check out IComm from Jim Sauter. http://www.voicebooster.com/icomm-imperial-communication-system.html
  5. Research, Research, Research. You can't do enough. Just cause you got a kit from a vetted manufacturer, doesn't mean you will get approved.
  6. I think the other Vader is Phil. We had a few of them from the 501st that day due to the wedding and group pic.
  7. Yup Captain, that was my friend Darman and his wife. This is them. Plus here is the 4 of us from the photo shoot just walking around the con floor.
  8. Oh no Captain, these were all taken outside int the parking garage. Not sure if you remember Saturday morning, but it was cold and windy. Here's a behind the scene pic of me and Ryan. Also another one of a solo shot with Josh.
  9. Here is a final proof of me times 2 taken by a local photographer Ken Pearson at Dallas All Con this year. I also attached a couple of others he took that day of some other 501st friends. The bounty hunters are Josh and Niki Powers who were married this year at All Con the day before and Vader is Ryan Perry.
  10. Good news letter. The bowling troop was a fun, no hassle good time. We had Wokiee's, R2 and a plethora of TK's, plus Baby Fette.
  11. I just went to Joanne and asked for a small sample of speaker cloth and they gave it to me for free. No need to go spend money on something when you can get it for free.
  12. I also use Maguires. To help speed up the process, I use a sponge buffing ball that you can put into a cordless drill. Then afterwards, I shine it up with some Turtle wax spray. The carnuba wax type.
  13. Thanks, one of my favorite charities. Obviously with my user name.
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