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  1. Congratulations ! Alright, time to found a fire team. Gazmosis: On the double stitching on the handguards, did you mean it looks like the threats are cross-sewn instead of being parallel ? (Not to mention the one missing on the left glove, um... that's battle damage)
  2. A two year journey finally comes to an end. Thanks everybody and gazmosis for rating. I'm so happy right now, I need a beer
  3. All pics were of course made in the west wing of my mansion, where the photo studio is but also such delightful places like the trophy room, where I like to display the stuffed heads of animals I've eaten entirely.
  4. Thank you, gentlemen. On the belt that does not fray: I think it's because it isn't one of the 100% accurate multi-layer-belts TM makes today. I got this armor 2 years ago actually. Thought about upgrading to a new belt but I'd have to remove the rivets from the belt armor, a lot of potential for damage. Gazmosis, thanks again for reviewing my armor. I'm going to remove the mentioned return edges and update the pictures in my Centurion thread. Will try to adjust the backplate to show some gap between the kidney plate this time.
  5. Good morning, thanks for your feedback, Zixx. The backplate gap is definitely a problem I fixed a while back. I assume it got blocked from sliding up a few centimeters by the neckseal. The shoulder straps also aligned better when I test-fitted them the first time. On the rank stripes on the ears and the elasitc to hold the shoulder straps down in the back: We're talking Empire Strikes Back here. Slight changes for the reused suits were made back in the days, for example the rank stripes being in between the bumps, as seen on this helmet: (source: http://www.starwarshelmets.com/) Also they didn't use the elastics to afix the back of the shoulder strap. Velcro or white tape are assumed but it should be okay if I can bend it all the way down to meet the backplate so it looks afixed. Centurion Level CRLs on this topic: "These shall be affixed in the back (no snaps, rivets or brads shall be visible). Straps shall not have a white elastic band securing the shoulder straps to either the chest/back." (source: http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_esb) Cheers, Patrick / TK7961
  6. Updated first post according to gazmosis' post, linked to new EIB request thread. Of course, this thread here should be on hold until EIB has been granted. Sorry for all the confusion and thanks to gazmosis for his patience
  7. Requesting EIB Status on my second armor. Build Thread for reference/additional details: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/20926-tk7961s-tm-esb-build/ Stats: Armor Maker = TM Helmet Maker = RS Blaster Type = Scratch built by TI 6815 of the German Garrison Height = 173cm Boots Maker = TKboots Canvas belt = TM Holster Maker = TM Full Body Armor Details Helmet Details Blaster Details Accessory Details Is this any good for an action shot ? Thanks in advance for rating / judging. Cheers, Patrick / TK7961
  8. Hey there, here's my Expert Infantry Thread, but with an old armour, I was told once this was no problem. Hope this hasn't changed http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/20118-tk-7961-requesting-esb-stunt-eib-status231mfx/ here's my new Expert Infantry Thread for the current armor http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/27875-tk-7961-requesting-2nd-esb-stunt-eib-status/ My build thread http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/20926-tk7961s-tm-esb-build/ Infos according to checklist: Armor Maker = TM Helmet Maker = RS Blaster Type = Built by TI 6815 of the German Garrison Height = 173cm Boots Maker = TKboots Canvas Belt = TM Holster Maker = TM Pictures according to checklist. I'll just add the links so you can access the pics in full resolution for better details Front Back Left Right Ab/Kidney Attachment – Button Orientation - Butt/Kidney - Cod and Butt Plate Attachment - Back/Chest Connection Hand Plates Shoulder Bridge - Back/Chest Connection Thigh Pack Attachment Knee Plate Drop Box Back - Holster Attachment Helmet Front Helmet Back Helmet Left Helmet Right Lens Color S-Trim Blaster Neck Seal Hope that's it. Thanks in advance for rating / judging. Cheers, Patrick / TK7961 UPDATE! Was told in my EIB thread to fix a few things for Centurion level approval. Here are updated shots of my complete armor. Removed the return edges on the wrist area of both forearms, aligned the backplate correctly so the shoulder straps look afixed and the backplate doesn't overlap the kidney plate. Here we go: Here are some close ups of the critical wrist areas (gang signs not intended) As Curt Cobain of Nirvana once sang: "Rate me!"
  9. Kudos to the crew of the "Troop of the Month". Well done, brothers, well done ! And thanks for teasing the FISD shirt, another run I would have missed without this newsletter.
  10. I've no idea about the NE dimensions, but from the pics it doesn't only look like your butt plate is too big but also your torso parts are kinda hanging too low. Probably just the fact that your head and shoulders are missing from the pics but if you add a crotch-elastic the plate is pulled towards your crotch and your butt cheeks keep it in position. If your kidney plate is now too low, it'll shove under the butt plate depending on what strapping you've used. So I'd suggest to not only trim the butt plate but also try to bring the kidney plate up a little. Minor overlapping especially of the side-sections of the butt plate is a common problem I believe, you can even see this in the movie on some troopers
  11. Not a fan of the EU troopers but your helmet looks fantastic. Nice paint job and weathering, looking forward to seeing the entire armor on you. Have you already started working on the armor parts or is it just helmet, flamethrower and detonator for now ? Keep up the good work !
  12. I like the idea of having something beyond Centurion. We have some very ambitious members who have spend a lot of time to research every tiny detail of original stormtrooper armor and I appreciate their work. I have no chipped helmet yet but I've added the screws to my return edges even though they are fake and I use elastic on snaps inside the armor. In my opinion everyone should go for this look, try to be as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, I'm just one single member of this nice whitearmor community and the legion. And we don't discriminate for not having the body type to fit into TK armor properly so I totally agree with the argument that some armor types don't have accurate return edges. Members have probably chosen that type of armor because of financial limits so in a way, excluding certain armor types from Centurion is discrimination and therefor a no-go. The non-legion award beyond Centurion is probably the best compromisse, I'd vote for that. PS: Yeah, I know I'm no Centurion yet, I'm simply to lazy to make the pics for approval
  13. Hey there, just went through your thread, you're almost there. For deciding on where to make the cut for your butt plate fix, maybe this shot from the References Lib might help: Shot was taken from an angle but I think just from estimating and applying the ratio between butt and backplate to the much bigger FX back plate, cut at line 2 from your picture above. When attaching the fixed butt plate to the back plate again, please consider mimiking the original strapping and use 3 elastic straps, 2 on each side plus 1 in the center as seen on this reference pic (the screws). Prevents your butt from moving too weird while walking. Now hurry up, the legion needs reinforcements
  14. Screen accurate. Not totally ruined, no white tape and I don't even own a bucket that has a chipped paintjob but I like the dirt and little scratches on the edges. It gives the armor a used look, as stated in previous posts. I also noticed you don't really see the weathering on photos due to the semi-glossy material reflecting. In the end it'S personal preference, I don't care if the trooper next to me is all shiny or not. There's other stuff on some TKs that make me shiver. On the thick, durable materials that last for years of trooping: I don't think that's where TKs should go. Thick materials are harder to pull in shape so details appear more washed out. I have a 3mm MFX and a 1.5mm TM and while the MFX has been retired on a mannequin because of various cracks, the TM is now in it's second year of duty without any damage appart from the intended weathering
  15. Hey there, I heard about the dropbox loops being afixed with rivets rather than glued on the back of the boxes before but I can't find a reference pic for this. In fact, the only good pic I've found in the reference pic library is this one here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/image/904-belt-01/ and I can't see a cap rivet on the dropbox. Are there any other sources I'm not aware of ? Give me your knowledge, Paul !
  16. Here are the application pics we did this weekend. Still some fixes here and there. Bringing the back plate up by shortening the white elastic shoulder strips Bringing the shoulders more towards the chest plate by shortening the black elastic straps The left drop box is misaligned because our shiny new brother forgot to put the elastic between snap and rivet Comments !
  17. Ladies and gents, as of yesterday, around 11PM GMT+1, we have finished this build. Approval pics and action shots coming soon. Happyness is a warm E-11...
  18. Very interesting. I wasn't aware of the two versions. Makes sense though, from what we know today about the low budget sci-fi flick we now worship, sculpting an producing a dedicated face for the mortar tube sounds very unlikely.
  19. Getting somewhere.... Guess we got the wrong detonator face here If you're interested in the different detonator styles, check this thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/24344-which-detonator-face-is-the-right-one/
  20. I wondered what happend to your build since there was no update on your build thread. Looking good, except for the ab plate, but you know that. Also consider connecting forearms and biceps and make the biceps stick to the shoulder bell's horizontal strap either with white tape or a hook so you get rid of some unnecessary black spots I think once you have figured out how to fix your ab plate problem, you'll have an excellent looking trooper
  21. These are the best pics....just complete non-sense in armor, I love that. Great job !
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