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  1. For that same 7 grand worth of money (spent spaced out over the years), I built my 4 approved 501st costumes and bought an Iron Man costume on the side.
  2. It said we hit 500 EIB. How many Centurion do we have?
  3. Whatever level of "shiny" gets decided on, the armor still looks like it has a significant amount of weathering to it. On a side note, one of my local Vader's has a wife who is an inch or two TALLER than Gwendoline Christie, so I really hope she wants to make a Phasma.
  4. Sweet! A 45 min. walk is no joke if you're not used to how the armor moves.
  5. Can't wait to see. I've had a TK costume since 2012 and my "No Stripes" is the only bucket I've ever owned for it.
  6. That's so awesome you're trying to match that helmet exactly, with the ear gap style and chips and all that. I just made a "generic" helmet build and chose to not put the tube stripes on.
  7. I'm still out there "in the trenches", trooping away with my Mr. No Stripes helmet......
  8. http://forum.501stspecopsdet.net/index.php?/forum/18-aquatic-assault-troopers-sea-troopers/
  9. Beats me. I was as surprised as you were, cause I'm the only "No Stripes" in my state and a bunch of regular ones turned their pics into Lucasfilm. But I can now officially say I'm "Lucasfilm approved" for trooping, anyway, because they did choose me out of the group.
  10. Nice job on that helmet and the weathering. Well done!
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