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  1. I think everyone who wants to build their own armor should have a go at Pepakura - for the record, however, I think I will be using EVA foam going forward. The build was good experience (using pepakura), but I am going to see if EVA allows for more comfort and mobility.
  2. Long time, no update, but the armor is more or less "complete" - including new chest piece. So, time for random picture updates from 2014 RTX 2014: Classic Gaming Fest, Austin, TX: Alamo City Comic Con, San Antonio, TX Master Chief Collection Launch, San Antonio, TX And a few ODST for good measure, as it is done as well RTX 2014:
  3. Welcome to FISD! Unfortunately, a wait is (usually) part of the process - be it for blasters, boots or armor But, plenty to read & absorb here on the forums, and I see the link to our Academy FaceBook page is already posted above. If you can make it All-Con next month, stop by - a good portion of Star Garrison will be in attendance!
  4. The waiting is the hardest part - but plenty to be done in the mean time! Since you're here, just keep on reading and absorbing, as there is a lot here for both. Start accumulating everything else that goes with the armor as your budget allows (gloves, undersuit, boots, belt, etc.). If you're thinking of a Doopys full resin E-11 or just the parts kit to mod a Hasbro blaster, and your budget allows it, get one ordered & start a build thread when it arrives. If you're leaning towards a Hasbro, it's not a bad idea to look on craigslist, check out goodwill or peruse garage sales - you migh
  5. Welcome to FISD! Be sure to make it to All-Con this year - a good portion of Star Garrison will be in attendance! We have a large number of members in the North Texas Squad (Dallas area) so you'll be in good hands for your journey to 501st approval.
  6. It has been an on-again, off-again project, but I am SO close to completion! A couple of things have gone wrong: when drilling a hole in one of the calves for a rivet, the drill bit snagged, ripping the piece from my hands and tearing a big hole in the calf...oops. I kind of fiberglassed/bondo'd the piece back together, but decided to just go ahead and make new shins. The file I built the original ones from wasn't as detailed as I wanted, and I found one that is a lot better looking. Problem #2: I made a critical mistake of not trying on the shoulder pieces when I had the chest piece as
  7. Thanks guys - I'm sure there are more pictures out there somewhere One of the funnier ones was a guy wearing Google Glasses. He stopped...looked at me for a second, and then touched the temple of the glasses - I'm assuming that was to take a picture, but he may have been trying to assimilate me into the Collective
  8. Greetings Troopers! My family is actively involved with a local non-profit, Colin's Hope, whose mission is to raise water safety awareness. This year (and in years past, actually), we volunteered to help out at the water stop along the course of the Austin Marathon. The stop was located right around mile 9, and from experience of running the course in 2011, that is where casual runners (like me ) start to run out of gas. What better way to give them a bit more oomph for the hills ahead then to hand them their water while in Armor? With a field of roughly 14,000 runners, it is a good
  9. Welcome to FISD, David - what part of Texas are you located?
  10. Welcome to FISD - what part of Texas are you located?
  11. Welcome to FISD and we hope to see you trooping with us in Star Garrison soon!
  12. I am in agreement that Centurion is 100% worth it and echo Eric & Paul's comments to go for it right out of the box.
  13. Every day is an armor party when you're working with pepakura/resin/bondo: Adding some depth to the cod & biceps/shoulders...will continue the process with the thighs, forearms & shins: And I also keep getting distracted by side projects: (I have a ~34" inseam, my leg is there to show the size of the blades ) And the next Spartan build (Jorge from Halo: Reach) has already started (will do the armor in foam this time...) And then there is this...which I REALLY need to get cracking on: The MA5 will have a cou
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