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  1. Time for some long awaited armor work. Due to a recent funk I've been in mentally and physically I have not done any work to the armor. That changed yesterday. I've sanded the interior of all my armor pieces with 100 grit flexible sandpaper!! I know you cannot tell in the first pic of anything being done but this one of my work uniform says it all: I am hoping this funk I've been in starts to dissipate a bit faster but time will tell, & hopefully some nice armor work will be done.
  2. Last week I received the first butt stock molded from Kevin for the F11-D. Minus a few issues I think it came out well. With that I can say my blaster is 100% complete. Work on the armor itself has not yet started due to the extreme heat. I am hoping to start sanding the inside sometime this week.
  3. Even tho I got jim's bigger thighs I may still need to expand them a bit bigger to fit me.
  4. Several really. One other side was worse. I started to panic when that pic was sent to me while I was at work.
  5. Yesterday was the BBB day!!! Jim's armor arrived from what I can see undamaged. I did unwrap everything to inspect it & didn't see anything wrong so far!
  6. Minus the decal for the front by the folding stock that I want to print out (thanks for the file JAFO) & the extended stock from Kevin Merritt, the blaster is finished. The 3 pieces in the first pic are not included in the kit. I had a friend and fellow garrison member print out the flash guard, ejection port guard & stock release. With those 3 pieces it brings the kit to an even better look. I do know with the ejection port I will have to adjust out the holster bolt slightly once I get everything only the armor.
  7. No big update today other than my armor shipped today & my boots & gloves were attempted to be delivered to me. Here is what I found to use as the pivot for the front handle. I have no clue what it's called (it's 2 parts) but I am able to still fold down the handle to use it if I wanted.
  8. Part blaster update, part mail call. Today Darren's new belt arrived this afternoon, which makes it only 3 outstanding pieces left that I am waiting for (boots, gloves & armor). On the blaster I have started the 2nd coat of white paint on 2/3rds of the folding stock & installed the security torx screws into it. I did find something other than a locating pin to use for the front handle. Once I get the correct length I'll post a pic of it. While I was at the hardware store getting the holster bolts I found 2 hex key bolts for the front of the muzzle. My goal is to have the blaster complete by Tuesday at the latest.
  9. Small blaster update: After not working on the blaster for the last few days I finally have the scope, scope rails, front sight & charging handle all glued to the blaster! I also started to paint the folding stock even without the holster bolts: Earlier this evening I did get my holster (with clips) in the mail from Justin Lee Morrison. I still need to source the bolts for the folding stock so I would be able to use the holster. Anyone know the proper bolts that need to be used so I can hook the blaster into the holster?
  10. Progress on the blaster had not stopped, even with trooping Weird Al Saturday & providing him security at the second job Sunday. I have painted the barrel, scope, front sights, trigger, scope rails & end cap their proper colors. And here is a dry fit with everything attached: I am still waiting for the holster to arrive so I can properly line up the mounting bolts & paint the handle/folding stock.
  11. Today's work I am taking my friend TK265's suggestion & adding studs to my mag & counter so they cannot be knocked off. So on lunch today I picked up some locating pins from ACE hardware. I added one to the counter (glued it into the blaster) & installed one in the mag with the option for a 2nd if the need arises (I glued this stud into the mag itself). While it may seem odd with the studs glued into opposite pieces there will be no way you could reverse the parts. I also decided while I was at it to put 2 pins on the blaster/folding stock. The reason I did that was so when I do the final assembly after painting, all I would have to do is glue it together & not worry about it moving on me. The other thing I did was work on the handle for the folding stock. I used one of the pins I purchased and drilled out the receiving piece & the handle then pushed it through. I was not able to get it to fold out straight, but it does fold down to where I can still use it. I do plan on keeping that pin the length it is so I can easily remove it should the need arise. I also added a magnet to the handle (via Apoxy sculpt) & folding stock to keep it from falling down when not in use.
  12. With today's blaster progress I managed to drill out the mag for lights, as well as, install magnets on the counter & mag. Mag held onto the barrel via magnets: Mag & counter mounted via the magnets, also added the 2 greebles to the mag: For the light you see I ordered these off eBay that are supposed to be taped to the bottom of a frisbee to play at night: As you can see all it is is 2 red LED's welded together with a cr2032 battery between them.
  13. Did a bit more work last night & this afternoon. I glued the 2 barrel pieces together & covered the seam with apoxy sculpt. Today I glued on the t-tracks to the barrel & 2 small greebles to the folding stock. Hopefully sometime this week I will receive the red LED lights for the magazine so I can drill it out for the light & magnets
  14. Almost forgot, here is how the light looks in the folding stock: I did have to add a piece of tape on the light to tighten up the flashlight in the hole I drilled so it would not fall out.
  15. Final part ordered (the belt)!!! Today I started work on the blaster by sanding off casting seams & studs, as well as, drilling out the folding stock & hegistler for electronics. I started with the folding stock by drilling out the center by the front grip to take this small flashlight: I only drilled down far enough so the blue color is hidden & I could still turn it on. I did grind down the stem where the keychain was so it would be a nice flat surface. Here is how it looks inside the stock: I also hollowed out the hengstler for a light as well. I used a light from one of the novelty screwdrivers/pens: I will be trying to get a piece of red gel from work to put in it so it will be the proper color.
  16. Had 3 days straight of little brown boxes showing up. Day one: the helmet!! I can say I was a bit spoiled for the last few months seeing the premium helmets. Not only is the standard line lighter, it also fits my big head. To give you an idea I normally wear a size 8 fitted hat. Day 2: F-11D There are a few small pieces missing from the kit that I received from 850 Armor Works that I am looking to get 3D printed. The blaster is resin but it was made from a 3D print. Day 3: Decals, Apoxy Sculpt & undersuit I'll spare everyone the site of seeing me wear the black unitard. I ordered it from http://www.discountdance.com/ The exact one can be found here: http://www.discountdance.com/mobile/mobileDetail.php?TopCat=UNI&SortOrder=P&ShopMobile=Style&style=8815 I'm 6'2" & around 240lbs and the XL fit me (I'm shocked!) As its only $50 I would say it's a great deal. It's almost like wearing under armor with the way it feels. I may later on get another for the OT TK. I got the 1lb Apoxy Sculpt to help with any area that I may need to resculpt or expand. The decals are from trooperbay for Jim's armor. Like Evan did with some of the pieces I plan on using them to mark the spots that I will cut out and cover from the inside with gaff tape (it helps working at a theatre with 3 boxes full of black & white gaff tape.) First shots of the blaster build may happen this weekend on my only day off.
  17. Update for Saturday: I have about 60% of the items ordered, am waiting on payment info for the belt, & am patiently waiting for my spot for the armor. The only issue I am currently am having are the boots as the lack of communication for imperial boots is to be desired (ie question asked on when size 13 boots will be back in production.)
  18. First pieces finally ordered! Bucket should be in my possession in the next week or so. Holster & blaster ordered as well!.
  19. Only thing I cannot find info on is the neck seal. Anyone have any leads on the TFA neck seal?
  20. Got the boot issue sorted out, I just have to email them directly. Now trying to figure out where to get the blaster from.
  21. I have you bookmarked need to see what funds will still be available after finding everything.
  22. Figured I would start my own WIP thread here to commit myself to the build. I am in the final progress of getting myself organised for the build and hopefully in the next few weeks will be able to pull the trigger to start buying everything. Here is what I am planning on getting: Armor: Jimmiraquois's with belt and pouches Helmet: Anovos standard line bucket Boots & gloves: Imperial Boots Gaskets: FNArmor Holster: Justin Morrison via Facebook Blaster: 850 Armor Works Belt: JAFO One item not listed is the HWT vest as I do not know anyone that makes them. One question I already have is do Imperial Boots run big? I normally wear a size 13 & they only go up to 12. I do not want to order something and it be too small.
  23. That happened to me with my concept armor. Only thing that I was able to do is wait a week for the paint to fully cure before I put on another coat. Others may have a better idea on what to do. My guess is that the temp needs to be in the 70s as well.
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