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  1. Another year, another event at the tech museum in good ol' Speyer, Germany. This year we had a rather unusual agenda. Did I say "unusual" ? I mean AWESOME!! Guests from other costume and sci-fi clubs, well, it's pretty normal to invite your friends to a party. Awesome would be to invite the Fett-Man himself to Speyer, Jeremy Bulloch and Daniel Logan. So we did that. That's right, both Boba's on one event. Group shot ! Couldn't get any more awesome than this, huh ? But wait, there's more ! This was the opening show for this years event. (As of now, no high qualitiy video has popped
  2. About 1h away from FaRK, kinda in the area @all: Thanks for the nice comments, make sure you're there next year. GO!
  3. This fine con happened from 30th to 31st of august. Some of you might remember last years FaRK debut documented here Due to the overwhelming responses the con was way bigger than last year and changed locations to an industrial compound (probably mining). Even though the use of the newly acquired space might need optimization, the new location absolutely fits this con and because someone decided to flood some segments of the outdoor area, it holds various spots for awesome photos of all genres from Post-Apocalypse to Predator. My highlight this year was the battle against the Post-Apoc
  4. All pics were of course made in the west wing of my mansion, where the photo studio is but also such delightful places like the trophy room, where I like to display the stuffed heads of animals I've eaten entirely.
  5. Thank you, gentlemen. On the belt that does not fray: I think it's because it isn't one of the 100% accurate multi-layer-belts TM makes today. I got this armor 2 years ago actually. Thought about upgrading to a new belt but I'd have to remove the rivets from the belt armor, a lot of potential for damage. Gazmosis, thanks again for reviewing my armor. I'm going to remove the mentioned return edges and update the pictures in my Centurion thread. Will try to adjust the backplate to show some gap between the kidney plate this time.
  6. Requesting EIB Status on my second armor. Build Thread for reference/additional details: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/20926-tk7961s-tm-esb-build/ Stats: Armor Maker = TM Helmet Maker = RS Blaster Type = Scratch built by TI 6815 of the German Garrison Height = 173cm Boots Maker = TKboots Canvas belt = TM Holster Maker = TM Full Body Armor Details Helmet Details Blaster Details Accessory Details
  7. Kudos to the crew of the "Troop of the Month". Well done, brothers, well done ! And thanks for teasing the FISD shirt, another run I would have missed without this newsletter.
  8. Just got some galleries sent to me from the con. Feel free to browse, they're all public http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/fotos/event_65949/274853/seite_0_0_2/ http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/fotos/event_65949/275125/ And another group shot http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/fotos/275153/12347253/
  9. My hometown is proud host of one of the largest anime, manga and japanese culture cons in germany. We spotted a lot of "off-topic" cosplay like the Ghostbusters last year and this year the con hit the 4th of may which made it inevitable for the empire to send a crack commando unit to secure the area. Group shot, pew pew ! Here's a compilation video of sunday's cosplays, we're at timestamp 1:00, get ready for your daily dose of japanese powermetal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-OFJS-NsRY&list=UUTy8NaCBKmwLm5PRIArTIgA No official 501st troop but I'm proud to announce one
  10. Another year, another SciFi Con at the Spangdahlem Airbase for the German Garrison, Mandalorian Mercs, Rebel Legion and Jedi Order. This con keeps growing and is granted more space and budget for guests/prices each year, thanks to the ambitiuous work of it's host, Jarrod, and his team. Here we go, group shot: Kids costume contest Adults costume contest Fix me ! Ambush ! Closing ceremony Photoshoot with the host, Jarrod
  11. I've no idea about the NE dimensions, but from the pics it doesn't only look like your butt plate is too big but also your torso parts are kinda hanging too low. Probably just the fact that your head and shoulders are missing from the pics but if you add a crotch-elastic the plate is pulled towards your crotch and your butt cheeks keep it in position. If your kidney plate is now too low, it'll shove under the butt plate depending on what strapping you've used. So I'd suggest to not only trim the butt plate but also try to bring the kidney plate up a little. Minor overlapping especially of the
  12. Not a fan of the EU troopers but your helmet looks fantastic. Nice paint job and weathering, looking forward to seeing the entire armor on you. Have you already started working on the armor parts or is it just helmet, flamethrower and detonator for now ? Keep up the good work !
  13. Since yours is in the wrong section anyways, would you mind posting your additiional pics over here again and just have the admins close/delete your thread ? If that's okay
  14. The "fiction meets reality" event takes place at the tech museum in Speyer, Germany. This weekend had the 6th installment of this annual event which has become one of our garrison's biggest event with over 140 members signed up on saturday. We had guests from other costume clubs, like the rebel legion and mando mercs as well as merch and toy traders, a huge parade and I could post an overload of awesome pics here. However, this is the FISD, so I give you my personal highlight of this weekend, the TK group shot. TK7961 out
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