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  1. do more home work if you want to be part of the 501st . you have to do some work you cant have it just all fall in your lap .
  2. you will never find 2 the same . You have to make it for you . Mine looks like the world of electronics
  3. you will NEVER get everything you need on a list . like others have said everyone is diff , then when you are all done you will still need a repair toolbox and all box is diff . your just going to have to wing it to fit what you need .
  4. when I get home I will see if have a few I did 50 (kits) of them at one time a few months ago . I will PM you if I have some on hand
  5. make one http://www.allelectronics.com/make-a-store/category/220/fans/1.html
  6. are their laws that would stop it in customs ? if not PM me your info to ship I think I have a few in storage . I will look in the AM and see what shipping cost would be + the blaster
  7. save ypur money and do it all at one time . it could take you 6-12 months to get a kit ( a good one )
  8. 31 days that's over the amount to file a report with e sh#t if he would screw you . STAY AWAY FROM ESH#t rule #1
  9. just the word recaster is a strong word . and this person has only 3 postings and coming out with this strong statement is way not cool .
  10. if someone is calling another a recaster and has no proof of this is wrong . if said person has proof then show it you just cant flap your mouth . calling one a recaster is a strong statement and you must have something to back it up
  11. IMO to me still looks like's Rubies in a way . but good job so FAR
  12. I have some fixing on the bucket but im so going to do this and see if I can get more power / time to the fans that longer
  13. you have to love ebay when it comes up on here . its just to funny
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