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Ralph McQuarrie's Concept Stormtrooper "Armor"


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So a proposal of making this armor was brought to my attention.


I am sure everyone has seen this picture...



I was surprised to find out that no one has made this yet. I have seen 2 or 3 different makers make their interpretations of the helmets made but no armor.


It's nice to know 2 different variants of action figures have been made and the Gentle Giant Mini Bust with different helmet options.




I am strongly considering doing this project but would like to get some feed back to know if others would desire a set of this armor?


The other part to this is... I would try to get a few kits done on time for Celebration Europe. (I have a Animated Clone project I need to finish sculpting first)



I think I would prefer to start this armor project all from scratch and hand sculpt everything. If you are not familiar with my work look at www.imperialsurplus.com.

At first glance you might think the concept art looks like a Stormtrooper seen on screen, under a close eye, the armor parts do not have any of the same detailed shapes that truly capture the concepts drawings in every detail and angle. I want to make this RMQ Concept armor look just like we seen it in the art work. If I have time, I'd consider sculpting my own helmet too. But I doubt I'd be able to do the helmet also before Cel Europe.



I would scale it to fit a standard movie derived Stormtrooper set. I am 5'10 and 170 lbs. Standard Stormtrooper size, so I've been told.

IMPORTANT: Because of the design this will be very limited on sizing. It will not fit a large range of different sized people. I will most likely utilize my "Connection Flanges" in the sculpt to help with the ease of assembly like I have done with my Animated Series Clone Armor kits.



That would give me about 5 months tops to do it, on top of the other stuff I make and only leave those who want this to wear at Cel Eurpoe about 1 month to assemble it. Give or take because of shipping time.

But I would continue to make a few more kits after Cel E. for anyone else that would want them.



I like ABS but I might I might have to do some small parts with HIPS. I was thinking the armor would have to be painted. If the helmet ends up needing to be a roto-cast helmet rather than a mule-pieced Vac-Formed helmet it would need to be painted to match anyways.



If you look at some of the sketch work or paintings you can see different troopers...

3 different Helmets. Top one seems to be most common and was also used as one of the GG helmet options. Middle one is used in a few different sketch and in backgrounds. And the bottom helmet is not seen too much but was one of the GG helmet options.





I like how this one give the idea of the beginning of Sandtroopers.

Notice... NO shoulder straps. Using a long gun and having a backpack. The chest is also a bit different.




This could have also been a Sandtrooper. Notice the backpack.

I love the difference on the back on this guys helmet.



The Good and the bad??

I would like some input from you also.

Good- I see the advantage of using ABS IF it is decided that the finished suit needs to be shiny.

But that would require the armor to assembly similar to the way the TK armor goes together now.


Bad- The problem is when I look at the art work I do NOT seen a strip that could be added to the front or sides of the Thighs, Lower legs, Biceps and I and not to clear on the forearms yet.

So that makes me think this Concept TK armor would need to assemble more like the Clone Armor. (Gluing the halves together and using filler sanding it smooth and Painting) I would help make this easier by incorporating my Connection Flange invention to the molds. This limits the body size of the person but saves many hours of assembly time. It also give much more of a unison look to everyone when finished.


Bad- The Chest and Back look very restrictive. Similar to C3PO. The completely close on the top and sides. So again size will be important.


Good- I would make the neck Ring with a foam or Soft Rubber for better detail on comfort. Same thing for around the wrist at the end of the forearms.

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The suit would have to be made as the clones are with no strips on arms and legs . I own a c3po so no the confines of the upper torso and neck . My thoughts would be for a resin ring ,split in two front/back and joined to the chest and back plate same for the wrists.

ABS yes


The shins as i see the design should be joined at the outside with moulded detail and the inside open so you can put it on ,then a detail part hiding the join once on similar to your spoon idea Kevin.


The arms should all be closed parts along with the thighs.


The ab area made up of four parts , centre ,left and right flank and finally back .

The Belt made like your clone with abs belt and maybe hips boxes for more detail or even resin.


The cod then maybe a small butt plate


The lot should be painted as different matterials will be used plus it will cover the construction corrections.As for matt or shine on the paint work .I see an armour that has a used look what has a shine and a patina achived with newspaper which will enhance the details and edges of the suit ,


Undersuit a light grey with grey gloves . .As for boots maybe a TK boot with a clone sole .


I have already started to make part drawings as i see the shapes and details of each part and will post this up over the weekend..












I'm at work. Will put in a full build report as I see it .

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With you on this one Kevin, as the same as Pete , at work at the moment to so i will have a good think today and make a summary later , it's funny i have just orderd one of the cocept action figures B)




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In the style of illustration here is how i see the chest and back affixing the neck ring .The chest plate seen has a shim incorperated within the mold ,the neck detail can then be fixed to the plastic parts with screws or clue.


Its not a McQarrie but hope you get the idea.


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This is a tracing I did to help see the armor better...



And this is what I am thinking as far a possible assembly...



Kevin W.

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i love your style of thinking kevin , its like you have done this sort of thing before.The shin idea is a stroke of genius a reverse spoon. The ab plate yes could hang from the chest and back or to the belt or to webbing which floats from the chest/back and belt .The cod and butt helped with grey elastic or webbing which there are many sources out there.


I see the shields made of a plastic hand area with a translusent white perspex maybe with a light source LED shining through it (force field look) .


Light saber

Blaster rifle


radio back pack (option)

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the shield has no glow? but I think it has a window.

the vertical tinted area that stops mid way could be a helmet lens material


you should consider making the helmet, and shield and lightsabre.


otherwise we'd be sourcing parts from all over the place.

and I'd request medium and large sculpts for arms legs and torso.


there are troopers with 40" hips and waist and chest out there that

need to wear this armor.


can we not allow for a panel on the sides?

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No slot in the shields never has been and never will.


The suit if it goes ahead will be for a specific body size , as for the future other sizes may aprear as kevin has always provided, but as for now is a no for 40 inch hips as you stated. it will faithfully represent the RMc illustration.

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I'd much rather see a faithful representation than a bastardized version made to accommodate larger troopers. Nobody expects a C3PO costume to fit such a large person. Why should this be any different?

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Also loving the shin idea mate and totally agree that this should not be 'over sized' and should stay as faithful as possible to the essence of Ralph's concept drawing.

There are of course plenty of additionals that could be added later (back pack, holster, etc)











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Very nice thats what this thread is all about referance material to get as close as posible to how RMc saw the stormtrooper . As for sourcing parts from all over ,this project is in its infancy almost as the stormtrooper was back in the 70's and what a great place to be.

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If there are any troopers with 40 inch hips that need to wear this armour, best you tell them to start sculpting their own..


such harsh thinking?


and in another post i read bastardized?



so only thin scaled sculpts are intended? what about the larger person cannot be accepted in this?


I notice only the thin critics are so harsh... no spirit of troopers helping troopers here...

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I am far from thin, and most likely wont fit into this armour just like I won't be the next UKG threepio..


Anyway I digress - this armour should be designed and built for total accuracy in mind.


Loving the ideas so far guys - this is going to be a great read :-)

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I agree with Mark - go for accuracy. I'm 6'0" and would love to fit in this armor too, but would rather it be done right and not quite fit me than have it done incorrectly.


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