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Ralph McQuarrie's Concept Stormtrooper "Armor"


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Any news on if/when these will be available to buy? Or will that be on the new forum? I'm totally interested, and now my roommate is drooling over my shoulder for one, too, lol.

They are already available!! Just shoot Kevin a pm.

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Just a reminder.... http://www.rmqconceptcrew.comis still active for all the RMQ fans to post WIP and more...


Kevin W.

I'm currently in the process of building a RMQ Darth Vader over on the RMQCC Forum.

Kevin has been kind enough to give me feedback on my progress thus far and I would love for others to come have a look and give any feedback you may have for me and as Kevin said there are a number of build being documented for you to enjoy!

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Not trying to bump this thread, but I've recently begun my own RMQ build (helmet acquired, under-suit/gloves acquired, boots ordered, armor to be ordered) and am wondering what the found part was you guys used on the helmet? Center aerator.




Also, if anyone could let me know how they modded the two main aerator that'd also be awesome. This thread was a great read, thank you for the beautiful work and effort to everyone involved.

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I currently own two SGB helmets (the V1 and V2) I am looking to possibly grab the armor from KWdesigns once i gather the funds. In the meantime i was wanting to build the shield and the lightsaber, I am not sure where to start. This thread is very helpful though. thanks!

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