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  1. Wanted to share my excitement on my new piece I received a couple a days ago from Lewis at HFX productions. I've been wanting to upgrade my older E-11 Hyperfirm for a while. Glad I waited. This thing is a beauty, it feels very ANH. I'm very happy with it. Now I'm gonna try and convince him to start on a E-22. Let's see what he says. Thanks Lewis. From what I could tell, it looks like a total new cast. New fins, rail, scope etc. Check out the pics below. Compare to my older version You could see more pics and comparisons here on my Flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/arturoseeker/albums/72157681806602214 SEEKER/TK412 .
  2. That's a beauty. Seeing on really makes wanna do one now. Thank you.
  3. What Crow86 said. He's part of the Rey vision thing. And by the looks of it, he gets taken out during that video. By taken out, I mean with a sword or something into him.
  4. These could be stunt costumes. They look a bit flimsy.
  5. This is an awesome build. So that's what I need to look good in my RS. Go down from 175 to 140lbs.
  6. Quote from Gotmaul over at the RPF "The amor pieces displayed at C2E2 are concept pieces to stir conversation and show general direction. They are not our manufacturing prototypes."
  7. ThechosenHitman - It looks like you're setting yourself up for defeat. I know you really care about getting your armor approved, but in the beginning of our build, this was made very clear that there was going to be changes on how the armor was going to be put together. Perhaps it wouldn't have been notice til you said it. You said the same thing on one of the other threads about our group not being seamless. You throw us under the bus. Since you were so concerned about you being approved, you made sure you had seamless lines. Thanks! Let me crawl out from under this bus now. Seeker
  8. I also thought the MQ was a for sure thing.
  9. Here's a good reference page I linked our crew too. These images are clickable to 4000x3000 resolution. Here, you could find many answers. http://s149.photobucket.com/user/kwdesigns2/library/RMQ%20Concept%20501st%20Sub%20Pics?sort=2&page=1
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