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  1. cyanoacrylate based super glue and kicker or accelerator . I use ZAP products.
  2. Good things come to those that wait , Happy Christmas Art . I'm sure Santa will be dropping some 3D printers under troopers trees this Christmas morning ,All ready to get making this cool prop.
  3. Really like your forethought on this , and a great update ,I for one am so glad you are move closer to the end design . keep plugging away at this very cool prop.
  4. You are seeing the side of the chest armour not the Ab that sits under that.
  5. You all got the news first hand guys , Two helmets direct from the maker of this plastic fantastic suit. The suit is also going through the process of becoming a 501st approved costume, As the costume is 100% new their is a lot of work needed to make this happen. 501st staff and members are crossing the T's and dotting the I's to embrace the concept .
  6. The suits were straight from the moulds ,boxed ,shipped ,built and trooped within three weeks .These are the prototype suits and off the back of the CE2 debut alterations will be made. The shins is an easy fix by trimming more off the closure at the back. The other part that will be moulded again will be the shoulder bells, being made a little bigger. All other parts fitted and worked together perfectly master class in costume building by Kevin.
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