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Saw this via The Hunter's Lair. (THG)

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Looks like RS to me. Kind of disappointing, that guy made some pretty cool rubber E-11 hyperfirm alternatives.


Edit: Actually reading his description he says it's made from an original, so it cannot be other than RS. :angry:

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I've talked to the guy and he's going to try to provide proof that it's not recasting. We'll see what happens.


That will be interesting. This is 100% guaranteed RS recast.


its just dissappointing but what can we do. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


Take it or leave it. It's a free for all out there nowadays and no one will care if you buy it or not. It will be accepted just like all the rest are.

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Made my feelings clear on the matter onhis fb thread.




Incidentally: Ron on that thread contacted a member of the UKG , Steve Rogers, asking about purchasing E11 parts.


Quote" I had a Ron contact me after ESB E11 parts , after asking a few questions it seemed he wanted to cast them. I never heard back after I mentioned it was recasting !!"

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Just discusted in what i am seeing and reading lately by the RS being recasted not only by the THG :angry:


I have seen and held the THG e11 blaster twice now , and i must say i am not impressed , it's heavier than the rubber Hyperfirm and there is a certain amount of mods to done to it :(

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I find this rather interesting. Same "prop maker" did the same thing with a bio helmet over at the lair, and offered up the same lame excuses as he has here. Then his wife came on explaining about Ron's "mental" issues, and was basically asking people to "excuse" him because of it. His first post was basically "look what I made/am making. It's an interesting read if anyone's interested...





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