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  1. Hey everyone, before building my own TD, I had a friend request I build and paint his RS TK helmet for him, with free range on how I wanted it to look. So for practice I opted to assemble and paint it as best I could in the Stop That Ship helmet as it has my favorite look and will eventually be what I build my TD into. This was my first time assembling a helmet myself and attempting to replicate a specific TD helmet. This is also posted on MEPD.net but that place is pretty dead so I'm going to post it here for feedback and also my own upcoming personal armor build for whenever I place that order... Thanks for looking!
  2. Yes! The picture that Billhag posted in that thread is it. Thanks very much,
  3. A few years back there was a thread from a member here that had posted a picture of his daughter (I think) in foam crafted armor with an old don post plastic helmet. It was adorable as she still had her pacifier in. I can not seem to find the thread anymore and was wondering if someone had the picture or could help me find it. Thanks!
  4. Pretty sure the whole recast claim was discussed elsewhere on this board. And now I can see why.
  5. Actually your belt seems to be sitting a tad too low as well.
  6. Your handguards are on incorrectly. Looks great as far as I can tell.
  7. Hello everyone, I've taken a pretty huge hiatus from costuming and Star Wars in general due to some pretty rough happenings in my life recently. But, now I need something to make my mind off of things, so I'm picking up the hobby again. My name is Alex, I'm 22 years old, and I'm a stormtrooper. Hope to be a little more active in the community again. Thanks.
  8. Decided to do a scratch build Star Destroyer.
  9. The AT-AT was a STEAL. I picked it up for US$25 including shipping! Not expecting that for the Star Destroyer but I can hope! I'll post some pics when it gets here. My FineMolds 1/72 Tie Fighter arrived in the mail today, was very excited to get it.
  10. Alrighty, so I've successfully ordered my AT-AT, now I'm on the look out for an MPC Star Destroyer. Hoping to not pay the 70-150 dollars that most of ebay is asking, but I understand its rare.
  11. Wait Ron contacted someone that was posting on that Facebook thread? Wow.
  12. Can you remember if it was average sized or super tiny like the micro machines?
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