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  1. Looks good, have you thought painting the strips freehand? I painted mine free hand and they turned out pretty good.
  2. definitely and if not ROTJ go TM or RS for ANH or ESB
  3. Hey paul go the PVC It will never discolour and is more durable. I got the abs armour (and painted it, whoops) with the HDPE helmet original straping and all the works and jurks for the ultra accuracy, but its used mainly for display I dont realy get the chance to troop. But if I did I would go with the PVC. Cheers
  4. You are right it is in the CRL. I just noticed a lot of RS and TM builds that are using caped rivets on the thigh ammo pack and thats why I asked. Also remember TM saying on someones thred there should be a caped rivet there ,
  5. Looking good Dennis! I noticed you have used splt pins to hold your knee ammo pack on, arn't capped rivets ment to be used here or is it personal choice?
  6. You are one lucky guy Dennis! I thought Simon only coloured in the black area's. Anyway heres a coulpe of examples of what im talking about regarding the paint work. From the LFL archives. Notice the paint chiped off towards the bottom of ther cover strip and the scratchers half way down the inner shin revealing the off white ABS underneath And on this screen used suit the split pins look the same shade of white.
  7. Because if they matched the ABS colour that would have surely discoloured by now
  8. But Simons suit has been painted white over the abs like all other TKs from starwars. So does the RS abs match the colour of Simons ABS armour or the white paint it was painted with?
  9. Man I'm going to have to learn how to photoshop.
  10. nice job on the ears and the teeth look good too
  11. isnt there a c3po builders club or something where people who know what there doing can help you?
  12. Awsome photos ! everything looks great if I had to pick one thing it would be the return edge on the left bicep bottom end ,it looks a bit chunky . love the photos
  13. Yes it does look like the RS guys build them that way and they look tidier that way but would be alot harder to get on and off.
  14. Yep they need to go through the outside of the hole
  15. Looks like you need to raise your thighs if you can, looking from behind you can trim a lot more off your upper thigh return edge that will give you a bit more room to lift them off your knees and you could tapper them in more at the knees .Plus theres room to take your biceps & forearms biceps in, get rid of the padding I think they look way to big. Looking good but theres room for improvement
  16. Say no more ;) . What size holes have you made mine are 4.5mm and can be difficult at times i guess its the norm.
  17. Looks good I don't think you need to trim the brow
  18. Rare earth magnets are a good tool to help you line things up.
  19. like Glen said they will heat up end melt the plastic if your not careful . What I did (I know it sounds gross)was spit on the rivet to keep it cool.
  20. I know awesome hey! And that guy doesn't like the folding stock. I guess thousands of TK's must be wrong. lol
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