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  1. TD 21112 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15386&costumeID=2 Requesting 501st access pls
  2. Lmao even now I worry I did it backwards and obsessive compulsory check it again Yeah saints is right trooperbay vid helps a lot
  3. Vf2112

    Saw this today

    So I'm finding:) won't go there again lol
  4. Vf2112

    Saw this today

    I'm fairly new to forums and started a post on mepd Although at the time I knew nothing about recasters my topic was about this actual armour before I new it I had started wat was apparently long ongoing debate on recasting and there was much...... "Debate" about it . I was wondering -though I am aware now as someone pointed out on this post the armour is thin "b" grade at best although I think basic shape looks ok besides some larger parts being... Warped looking,- why guys like this can sell $100 worth of plastic for $275 while other deamed "acceptable" charge $1500 for the same craft weather it's recast or not to me was beside the point Stil the same amount of material for end result with a $1200 gap in price Hope I haven't started a touchy "debate" here I am aware of recasts being rip offs off others,s hard work and so on but stil big price difference
  5. I saw a stunt frown that was kinda jagged it looked mean so cool:) looking good bro good luck with those ears lol And yes I count a lot on panda troopers build threads he's outstanding his packs are good too buuut... Dirty boy,a packs are IMO ... Sexy as ! No offense to panda:)
  6. @lady in white ;well said very thought ful all round I only heard this today unfathomable So sad
  7. Oh I made a whole abdomen from scratch its nice:)
  8. Hey guys yeah that's the guy I bought from I laughed at that too:) Juan, thanks bud you've been great:) Dave hey bud yeahthat ridge had to go all of it I was lucky in one way the rubies was XL so with a lot of trimming and heat treating its turning out ok:) I'm waiting for a fs gino bucket from a member named "biscuit" and some odds n ends from other places like trooper bay stil need boots but if anyone has size11:) Waitin to finish to post all pics of build together I'm quite plsd so far can't wait to get done A lot of reference came from panda troopers TD build
  9. Hell yeah I'm nearly finished first build and my friends son was here messing around wit my armour, couldn't get my bucket off him it felt damn good to see him happy as me wit it:)
  10. Lol ! One would assume.. They'd be the same as tears?!! But yeah I guess you never no . Ps the shoulders alone on this armour are atrocious ha ha stil waiting on limbs suit and boot I'm pretty sure I can do any mods to whole armour but abdomen on this isn't even tk accurate scary I've been looking a lot at the difference between all tk,s aswell and its baffling thanks for help and ENcouragement bud
  11. So how'd ya go with traps find anything there? Btw I hate my armour and Ian guessing the lid and armour should be the same shade of white!?! Lol
  12. I got a nice rubies you can have cheap ha ha jokes
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