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  1. The Vectis Remnant Squad of the UKG has a member who has recently turned Sixty, and who is assembling/trooping in costumes at a quite breath taking rate. Me. I'm a youngster of only 39.
  2. Given LFL's prior love for he FX helmet/kit and its dislike of our wearing anything approaching accurate this would not surprise me. lol
  3. .And if ever there was a supporter of such an attitude....
  4. Another option I have found to work very well is this: Baby wipes. allow a couple to dry out fully and keep in repair kit. Use in place of Tshirt material with CA glue. So far I have repaired over a dozen TK armour parts of various makes and 3 helmets. But as said avoid the fumes as the are truly noxious / cyanide containing. Hope this is of use.
  5. Why in a pm ? Again this looks like its trying to be kept from the general populace. Ask yourself this...... If what others have shared of the reasons behind her actions are not the case then why has she not spoken against them when she has chosen to post on here, In this very thread, since they were posted. Karins only minor fault is that she is too damned polite. Some of us have been treated in such a way in the past that we no longer feel the need to be so. YOU feel aggravated!!! Imagine ( or atleast try ) how she feels. A detachment should be about how its members feel, not how its staff does. And given that her protagonists have been named, and given that they both have "history"; are we the lowly membership in a position that you would deign to listen to us and investigate and deal with the route causes?
  6. Yes, there are. And as usual their actions are over looked at the expense of an invaluable member of this community. Lock and hide eh? Like "sweep under the carpet"? Hide from those it may effect? Sacrifice a true and trusted member in order to keep the status quo? No one is being clever; no one is "drawing it out of her" ( implication being that there is some truth to the afore posted comments) , some of us just have the common decency to have actually asked her what the issue is. If those whom have been answered to her reasons choose to comment then why should they not? For fear of upsetting the delicate sensibilities of those that have caused her departure of for fear of upsetting the apple cart? Instigation? Define please. p.s. good man Paul
  7. Not surprised. Not surprised. Why not ask Karin if she minds the speculation? Her thread after all.
  8. Same as has driven many away; Verne, and the tolerance of the staff towards him and his actions judging by what has been posted elsewhere.
  9. And another rock of the foundations gone.
  10. I concur. To remove it spray with furniture polish such as Mr Sheene. Leave for five mins and it should peel straight off.
  11. Q: Are you hot in there? A: Well the ladies think so... Q: Aren't you a little short..... A: I'm the one with the blaster, Wanna ask that again? Or, pin against wall with arms/legs spread in arrest type scenario. After a couple of troops you will soon get to "read" which members of the public re willing to play along and go with such a scenario. Q: Where did you get your armour? A: Standard Imperial Issue. If question is pushed with genuine interest then individual is pointed towards one of our "spotters" ( some call them squires) for more info. Q: How do you pee? A: weenie head...pause.... "Like that Sir/Madam" Q: Can I hold your blaster? A: "Sorry Sir/Madam. If you blast someone its a forest of paperwork. Health and Safety you see." ( Europeans will get this . ) Q: Can you see in that helmet? A: Look questioner up and down disdainfully...." Sadly Sir/Madam, yes". ie, Have fun, be a git but do it with tongue in cheek.
  12. Grab with both hands. If you are that size then you are unlikely to get better.
  13. The symmetrical ones are the inaccurate ones James, yours look fine.
  14. Ok, so my mind may be playing tricks on me but...... Wasn't there a Japanese promo pic with a weird blaster in it? Some Japanese issue machinegun/pistol ?
  15. In addition to staying away from ebay I would also strongly advise against purchasing from stormtroopershop/Jedirobe on line. The quality of their product is far from the best, is vastly overpriced ( but advertised as being cheap) and is a mixture of recast parts of other makers.
  16. I would have to disagree mate. I think its him against a certain , perhaps geographically centered , part of the Legion. I , in my time trooping over here, have seen troopers ranging in height from well over 6' down (sic) to 5'3 and varying in weight from 9 stone ish up to near 20. Not once have I seen them vary the width of their belt due to such variance.
  17. No way will it be a Death troopers movie. Reason; money You ask 90% of star wars fans/ movie goers what a Death Trooper is and they will have no idea what your talking about. So a story centered around them would not put enough bums on seats. Simple economics sadly. Now "If" they do a Fett movie ( I frakking hope so!!!) IMHO they again run the risk of a lot of non fans going "Who?" If it were me I would reintroduce him into the new trilogy, get him established and then do the spin off. But that's just this ejit's thoughts on the matter.
  18. Agreed. The sooner we start to stamp out new members buying this cr@p the sooner the FX will die out.
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