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  1. What in the actual. he’s literally using the old recaster excuse “I got molds or helmet from a friend” He’s justifying his actions from some butthurt Burt bs. I remember when the photos was released and it was amazing. Wasn’t even you who did it and even so his excuse is BS.
  2. How has this turned out? I recently purchased the uber kit and a big set of smooth on Xtc-3D
  3. I have this uber kit on the way. I'm going to add weight inside the handle and a few other spots. Considering the XTC. Would you recommend applying this then paint black to see the spots that need sanding? Also was thinking to do this to the parts before assembling.
  4. BWAHAHAHA The Empire is going green and eco friendly to make up for blowing up Alderaan. Plus the new star destroyers will powered by tossing ewoks into the nuclear reactors
  5. I don't know if this has been posted here but I wanted to link to this incredible cardboard build from cardboard food containers and newspaper http://www.therpf.com/f24/tutorial-how-build-stormtrooper-helmet-less-than-10-gbp-finished-120552/ -Steve
  6. He definitely is a DB they RPF looks like they are making headway against him and he has responded to avoid police action. Actually 1 of the members called his mom lol and that prompted the message. I just saw that he is a member here under another name Boomer which I linked.
  7. It has been recently discovered that a member on the RPF that goes by Boomer has ripped off several people. With more digging he has gone by the name WarLord as well. He is an Australian resident. Here is the RPF thread. He is a member here too. http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showuser=14801 http://www.therpf.com/f12/has-anybody-rece...-boomer-117242/ More ripoff threads on other forums and info Mitchell ThomasJon Laine 21 Honeydew Crescent Taigum, QLD, 4018 42 Station Road Wamuran 16 Dash St Keperra Qld 5054 07 3216 5532 0416 274 866 Westpac bsb: 734036 acc: 686465 Mi
  8. You've seen it. He did a brief post here. http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=15464&st=0&p=187208entry187208 but here is the RPF thread with more updates. http://www.therpf.com/f11/1-3-stormtrooper-sculpt-wip-trooper-armour-advice-needed-114106/ he could use our help. He wants me to pose with my arm armor on in the pose he is sculpting but my armor besides my biceps/bells/chest and helmet are packed... So someone post up.
  9. I think Judgedredd's fanmade sculpt is going to be far better than this plus he will be using Carsten's helmet to go with the sculpt.
  10. I have an iPad first gen and don't see a reason to upgrade. I don't need the camera and it's fast enough as is. Now when the 3rd gen drops which will be may or June next year I will probably get 1. I have had the same MacBook pro fir 3 going in 4 years and it too has met and gone above expectations . I just wish the iPad supported flash. Oh and I have an iphone4 which I probaly won't upgrade this year either.
  11. Kudos to Matt not TE Mat for taking on the crusade for Liz and Brian. You have been very professional about it. I admit i enjoy reading TE jumping in on it.
  12. It just sucks the first ones are going to be preassembled and not kits. We all have an idea of our own favorite helmet style. Like pointed out on the rpf this won't appeal to everyone because everyone isn't a purist but it will be a thing of beauty. Side note: Rolf how is the boy and artwork coming along bud?
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