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  1. HI, its not just some parts cast from original, all the parts are cast from an original suit, due to the Tfa premiere, building armor, family, job etc etc i havent got the time to give a statement about the origins etc. But i ll do as soon as i find the time. The pics on our webside arent the best actually and let me assure you in real life it really looks the part. You will all see more in 2016 of ironMotion, trust me
  2. Hi Ryth_ no we did not get help from Paul, but since i have done loads of TM builds over the last years, the first Reaction has been some people screaming RESCAST!!!
  3. Hi Sascha, just let me know where you re located in germany. I am one of the guys from ironMotion. Nice that word is reaching out and we get a mention here on the board. The guys are right, building your own Kit is part of the fun in the fandom. You ll know all the procedures and tricks once you ve finished the kit and it will be easy to fix it if it needs maintainance. We offer a building service aswell, and since you have to come to my house for fitting, its guaranteed that your armor will fit you like a glove. I am building Troopermaster armor since nearly 3,5 years and i am known for good work. You should come to a troop in your area and check the different armors, in germany its a lot RS and TM wich are both great, they both have a very good reputation and a lot of fans. You can check our kit out aswell. Our Webside is not online unfortunately, i think till middle of next week it will go online, but we re on Facebook aswell. If you like check it out. ------------- For all my other fellow Troopers, i ll do a thread where you can check out the origins of our Kit and see some pictures, read the history and see some pulling. For all the sceptics, Paul and me are fine and there is no recasting whatsoever. We talked and changed pictures and we re still doing good buisness, since i am still building his and RS kits aswell. Sorry Sascha for highjacking your Thread.
  4. there are alot of options you can choose from now. Accurate but bumpy and built only with measurements, fanbuild but awesum from Paul, some nice armor from canada wich is nice but not so accurate, so so armor from a guy in Germany, nice shiny stuff from other people in Germany. problem is you have to figure out what you want to have
  5. I am quiet curious to see the origins of this lid. I am not convinced yet since i see alot of familiar details. And the staying away from our boards wich you seem to know is not helping either. Dont get me wrong i dont mean it in a bad way!!! If you really provide pics of the original damaged lid and your work on it trust me we will support you. Looking forward to see some nice pics!
  6. #100!!! Yeah we got three digits!!!! Congratulation Trooper!!
  7. Dein wort in gottes ohr!! Wünsch Dir sauviel spass, und sag nicht wir hätten dich nicht gewarnt!!
  8. Woop woop!!! Number 99! How many females do we have now? Congrats!!!!!
  9. Tragen an Halloween ist eine seeeeehr schlechte idee!!!! Da haben schon sehr viele von uns schlechte erfahrungen gemacht!!!!! Gerade bei nem schmuckstück von RS würde ich das risiko nicht eingehen!!!!! Auch wenns ne rüstung ist, das material is ziemlich dünn bei RS und wenn dir einer eins auf den helm gibt kanns sein das er hin ist. Auch wenns echt juckt an Halloween trag sie besser nicht!!!!!
  10. Herzlich Willkommen im FISD! Gute Wahl mit der Rüssi! Hast sie fertig gebaut bestellt? Gruss der Dr.
  11. That might become another female Centurion. How many are around till now? Good Luck! Not that you'll need it!
  12. To see what i mean check in my photobucket pic 341. there my lid looks like yours, and i liked it at that state. But then check pic 320 and you can see that i cuttet out a good chunk more and it looks more like it should.
  13. There should be just a minimal return edge. Nearly all the plastic wich bends "into" the lid can go.
  14. Imho theres still a good chunk that could get off.
  15. Can i see a pic? Usually there are nearly no return edges on the armor
  16. Do you have big arms? Usually you get them in nicely and keep em close to the bells with the black rubberband.
  17. Yes at least half of the flashing should go. I know you like the 3d effekt and all that but trust us if you take nearly all off you ll love the bucket even more. Checked my pics?
  18. Btw there should nearly no "return edge" on the teeth. than the holes are square and it looks right. I know you dont want to remove too much but the cutouts will be square and quiet big. From pic 216 you can see my ap lid if you like. -------
  19. I took more of the teeth and of the eyes. Make a frontal picture with flash. It should show you how much to take of for a good look. And holding the lense behind the eyes is a good help aswell. My 2ct
  20. Just move the holster. If you move the plastibelt the velcro on your back will be too far left or right and will look shucks aswell.
  21. Mhhm actually i dont see why you should redo your belt? Just take off the holster and reposition it. Should have used chicagoscrews anyway so its just off and on. The holes will be gone very quick. Canvas is a forgiving material.
  22. They re marked, but you cant follow it blindely. Sometimes the overall appearance is just not right even if you use the marked position. Should be an easy fix!
  23. Ok that is easy! Will post a clear shot of the arrangement of the dropboxes!
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