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Helping a little girl that was bullied for liking Star Wars


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A young Star Wars fan bullied for being a girl and loving Star Wars.



Hi all,


I was contacted by Legion PR staff member,Dean Plantamura about the little girl who was bullied at school for being a big Star Wars fan. She was bullied because she was a girl who liked Star Wars and over her Star Wars water bottle.


Here is what Dean Said about Katie:


Katie Goldman, the young fan from Chicago that was bullied about being a girl who liked Star Wars. The 501st gave her so much support as a young girl fan, that Katie has decided to suit up as a Stormtrooper this year and her mom (author/blogger Carrie Goldman) has reached out to us for help! Of course, we want her to have only the best armor,


Link to Katie's story:http://www.chicagono...in-first-grade/





I remember seeing this on the news and it broke my heart to know how cruel some people can be in finding ways to bully and hurt someone, just because they don't fit a certain mold that some people thing they should.


Out of all the other Star Wars characters, It made me feel very proud to know that Katie wants to be a Stormtrooper.

I want to make sure that Katie gets the best armor that she can. I told Dean that a good set of armor, even a kids kit, is not cheap.


So, I am asking for the FISD community to help with the cost of a kit for Katie. For anyone that steps up and makes a donation to help get Katie's TK kit, I will make sure they get a Supporter badge http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/supporter2012.png.and you will be listed as one of the ones that made a contribution to help this young Stars Wars fan, that was bullied for it, fulfill her dream of becoming a Stormtrooper.


If you are wanting to help support Katie with her dream, please PayPal your donation ($5, $10, $20, or larger if you wish), please do so to the following PayPal address: masterjediknight@msn.com


When making your donation, please note in the PayPal "subject" option the following:


Katie Goldman TK kit support


In the PayPal "message" option, please add your FISD member name. Example: RogueTrooper.


Please, so that we can keep an accounting of who has donated, post here, that you did so.



I have been contacted by some dedicated FISD members from the Midwest Garrison, who are ready to help put Katie's armor together to make sure that it is properly built and fits her.




The staff and I truly do thank all of you for any help in making Katie's dream come true and show our support for her love of Star Wars. The staff and I thank you for your support.


With unquestioned loyalty,


Tom Gardner

TK5940 RogueTrooper

FISD Executive Officer



Pix of Katie





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Thank you for spearheading this here, Tom!

PayPal sent!


I'd like to add that Carrie has been a great supporter of everything that the 501st Legion does since we came to Katie's defense two years ago. The MWG recently helped Carrie to launch her book "Bullied" at a Chicago suburb Barnes & Noble, and Carrie made a $250 donation to the American Cancer Society for our "Making Strides Against breast Cancer" walking team as thanks. The Goldmans are great fans and friends of the 501st.


Here's a photo of some of our troopers with Katie at the book signing, including EIB TK-4541 "beans," who will be one of the troopers working on Katie's armor.




Go Team Empire!

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As a Midwest Garrison Member we already have several troopers lined up to donate their time to make this little one's dream come true. Would the armor maker chosen be willing to donate any portion of the armor?

By the way...paypal sent

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First, I want to thank all of you that have donated to this, so far!!!! :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:


This truly shows how much the TK community (FISD) cares, and that is what I love about the FISD...Is it's members. :duim:


Has an armor been chosen yet? I saw the TM kit for kids and MAN that looks great!!!


Not yet.


I contacted Paul and he said he will not be making any of the Kids Kit in the near future :(


So I am still in the quest for the kids size TK kit for Katie.


If anyone out there knows of any good Kids/smaller size TK kits, please contact me ASAP...


Thank you!!


Tom :salute:

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