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  1. Hi! Yar, that was my sticky blaster.... tk 9496. [i kept my good blaster that I bought from TKBondsrvnt.] Found it - I paid $190 to Ronime Studios Feb 20th 2013. I am sorry it's sticky... I tried to 'splain that in the sale thread. Here's what I found on the internet: https://www.facebook.com/THGProps/ Transaction ID 84K84099A0715241M
  2. Congrats on your new kit Oscar! Yes ... all things TK are located here. Enjoy your new build - I personally love E6000 for putting armor together, but there are many ways. Read up on build threads, figure out which version you want to try, and ask questions. Cheers! Jenny
  3. As I like to say (about that dad and kid) ... RUUUUU!
  4. I'd like to say that is unbelievable, but sadly - I can believe it! Sorry you got junk punched. My only weird experience was a few years ago. I was holding my expensive DSL camera - trying to get some pics of my garrison mates. I started getting swatted at + grabbed by 1 kid at a toys-for-tots event. I just kept backing up from this pre-teen boy who had his hands all over me. I kept my camera above his head while his mother kept telling him to stop - to no avail. I'm not sure if he had some developmental issues or if he was a punk, so I walked away and put my camera back in my car. My TK friend came looking for me to make sure I was ok - which I was. I was so thankful I had my armor on! Yah... never troop alone! p.s. Thanks Mark Williams, if you are reading this!
  5. Welcome to FISD TK-JAY! I'm one state over in GA. Congrats on your AP - I know you'll love it. We're looking forward to your build. Enjoy - and cheers! Jenny
  6. I did not have to paint mine, which is Authentic Props, and I did not have to paint my hubby's - which is RT-Mod. Lots of people DO paint theirs, though. Take care! Cheers, Jenny
  7. Greetings Tholf! I would encourage you to reach out to the Nordic Garrison http://nordicgarrison.net/ Also, I would very much encourage you to assemble the RS armour yourself, since - most likely - you'll need to make adjustments anyway. Also, you'll want to be able to trouble shoot issues, like needing to re-glue parts after time. YOU CAN DO THIS. I'm a 43 year old lady, and I was able to do this. I can barely figure out my new dishwasher... but everybody here is SO helpful and NICE. Any question you have, there will be somebody posting a link for you, or sending you pictures, or doing whatever they can to help. Seriously, you will be fine. Welcome to FISD, please introduce yourself to your Garrison, and keep reading here. Check out the Getting Started area. CHEERS and Congrats on choosing your new hobby!!! JEnny
  8. Nice job so far Brad! Congrats on your ATA... sorry 'bout the wait. I saw this, and thought you might get some use from it. There's lots of info.. just have to dig - which sometimes takes hours! http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/14806-how-to-assembling-ata-abs-helmet-1/ Cheers!
  9. Nice job! Congrats to Jennifer Those are how my boots look. I went with the statue version, so those boots were ok by my gml. Only us nerds will notice - the shoulder bells probably need pulled forward a bit. I had to keep tweaking my bells and thighs and knees. This looks very awesome! YAY!!!!
  10. Welcome to FISD Liam! Good luck on your 1st Order. There's lots of info, as you are finding out. Keep us updated and ask questions when you have them. Cheers! JR
  11. Happy Greetings Tobias! I think getting a kit is the way to go, and whichever you decide on, I'm sure you will have a fun armour build. Yes, lots and lots of reading, so do not forget to take a break! Welcome to FISD!!!!!!!! Jenny
  12. Looking good! Congrats on your new build, and congrats to your wife!
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