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  1. Not sure why, but it seams that I don´t have 501st. access anymore, so re-requesting , thank you - link to profil : https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15534&costumeID=10
  2. TB-10413 requesting member access http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15534
  3. Hi Amir - thanks, you´re welcome anytime, cheers
  4. My dad makes some fine DLT-19´s - you can see how here : ------- - he also makes biker scout pistols and DC15S Clone blasters...
  5. Hi all After my dad finished the minimag missile launcher, he couldn´t resist on going ahead with a new project, so what else could I make him do ?? Well it was a choice between the T-21 or the DLT-19... I gathered a hole bunch of pictures, templates and views of others builds for him, and he said, he would go for the DLT-19. So here is the almost finished build - but it still needs the wires around the t-tracks. My dad is a former heavy machinegunner (on foot) in the danish army and has a lot of knowledge around weapons - so he made some nice details with it. Feel free to comment if something is off or in - he´s eager to hear what you guys/girls think of it... TK-7995 has been following and seen the photoes from the progress on mms. Unfortunated my camera has had a bit of a break-down, so I don´t have the other pictures, that I have been taking along the way I hope you like it... here is the link : http://s1246.beta.photobucket.com/user/Heidi_L_Sorensen/story/3921 Next project my dad has to make, is my mums christmas gnomes made out of wood poor dad... LOL - but after that he´s going to make a TB-pistol out of wood... so lots of projects in progress...
  6. Can´t wait to see, when Katie is going to get the armor - you guys are doing an amazing work !
  7. Hi I just made an order for a belt from TKittel and a neck seal from Darman The holster I´m going to make myself... I did consider trooperbay - but after looking into a lot of treads from other members, I went for those two. Very good and friendly conversations from both - so thumbs up from Denmark.
  8. Now I finally got some great tips about the uploading of pictures, so I got myself a photobucket account. Just hoping it´s working http://s1246.photobucket.com/albums/gg617/Heidi_L_Sorensen/
  9. Hi Oki - that´s why... I´ll make sure to use photobucket next time, thanks
  10. Hi I can´t make it work to put the photos in here, but I made a link to where you can see the MiniMag finished Enjoy www.nordicgarrison.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=102&t=6064 Hmm that doesn´t work either ... but in the forum under the topic : Imperal Troopers (tb,td,tk,tr,ts,tx), you can find the topic: MiniMag missile launcher build (author: Heavy)
  11. It´s finally finished - but I can´t put pictures in - the system keeps telling me, that the files are to big... ??? How do I fix it ?
  12. Hi Here is an update on my build Photo 1 and 2 : the parts are being put on Photo 3 : my dad´s holding it up It´s coming along, but still need some details, the sight, paint etc. minimag 3.pdf
  13. Thanks guys - I´ll make sure to put up more pictures. Hopefully it will be all finished in a few days with paint and the last finish
  14. Hi everyone Thought I´ll make a post with the build of my MiniMag, and how it´s coming along. My dad is doing 99% of the wood work - and I must say, that he´s doing a great job. Photo 1: the small start - and my dads sct.bernhard "Bamse" is keeping a close watch Photo 2: some of the parts being crafted Photo 3: the box coming along Photo 4: more parts being made Photo 5: more parts being crafted Photo 6: everything being tryed on... but the box is to long, so it has to be cut shorter. Still need to make the sight right, to put holls in the barrel and put the tube on etc. Please do comment Big thanks to Dashrazor for his template and BigBadaBoom and Ketariniii for ideas from their builds. minimag 1.pdf
  15. Hi greetings from Denmark - I was told from Søren Holse, that you are the one to talk to about getting a TM armour ? - perhaps you could send me an email regarding prices ? Thank you - Heidi

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      My email is : mistral@mailme.dk

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