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  1. You have a pretty level head, my man! I haven't seen it but I can only imagine. I still say it's a lack of discipline these days. lol I'm 34, I remember when there was paddling still in school!
  2. Neither link works, can someone tell the rest of us what happened?
  3. *sigh* Drama, drama, drama. I won't complain about it because I know it's realistically unavoidable but I will say I would like to know if there is any concern on the staff's part about this. Whether Karin is too nice to make a formal complaint or not her wanting to leave the community should be a red flag that there is an issue that deserves attention of the people who allow membership. That being said on the other hand I know that not everyone is going to like what is said to them on here and sure some will leave but I'd like to believe that if a member such as Karin is leaving then this is something more than just an issue of being thin skinned. Hopefully we can discuss this in a civil manner without direct finger pointing because obviously there are people who are concerned.
  4. Sorry I didn't see this until now, what do you mean? I saw ammo boxes in your armor layout picture didn't I?
  5. Congrats on getting your TKID! I couldn't wait to get mine.
  6. Hey everyone! I would love to find a kind soul from the US that is going to Celebration Europe who would be willing to pick up a couple pieces of exclusive merchandise for me while you are there. I am a huge collector of Funko's line of Star Wars POP! vinyl figures and they put out show exclusive figures for the big events and this year for Celebration Europe that are doing a Boba Fett variant from his appearance on the Droids cartoon. ------------- I might also ask for a tshirt as well but that can be discussed. lol I would of course be willing to pay a couple extra bucks for the trouble if you wanted?
  7. Looks great! It had to have helped with the scraping of the hands as well, right?
  8. Misleading? How so? Noooooooo my post was only meant to lend a hand on how I cut down on scraping our hands while also pointing out the benefit of trimming the return edge to get a jump on Centurion. We are all learning here, sir! This is my first build as well! You have some fantastic looking progress and I'll be referencing your thread when I move further on my armor!
  9. Fitting my forearms was hilarious. I would tape them on to a proper fit not leaving gap on the upper forearm and then just laugh thinking to myself, "How in the **** am I supposed to get my hands in and out??" Then I remembered the Centurion level calling to trim the return edge and well, that was actually my first big cutting job EVER on a kit. That kind of took the edge off the nerves. Xacto knife, sanding block and dremel sanding drum.
  10. Your latest two pictures are too blurry to see it but the ones you posted for Jesse show the return edge. Again, not required unless you're going Centurion but it helps with the scraping.
  11. If you compare the "front end" (the part of the forearm piece that touches your wrist) pieces in your photos and mine you will see a slight "lip" on yours, that's what a return edge is and what scrapes you.
  12. Honestly? lol I have only completed my forearms and next I will be working on my biceps. I posted a tip on JMM7375's thread about the issue with scraping hands when fitting the forearms, whether you're going Centurion or not I found it best to trim and sand the return edge down. Here is what mine looks like:
  13. Hey there! I wanted to jump in and actually lend a hand here. I don't know if you are going Centurion or not but one thing that will help IMMENSELY with the scraping of the hand is removing the return edge on the front of the forearm like it calls for in the CRL. Once I did that and sanded it down it was amazing the difference. Here are pictures: Now, I did this with an Xacto knife and a sanding block BEFORE they were assembled but with some careful work I'm sure you can still make it happen.
  14. Long time no see! I have been insanely busy myself but it's time to get back to it. Good luck!
  15. http://kotaku.com/stormtrooper-surrounded-by-japanese-police-after-murder-509982098
  16. Being that there are more and more RTs, be sure to post pictures with your finished placement as well so we can learn from you. Thanks!
  17. So I was wondering, what are you going to use for voice and where on earth will you house it in the suit??? Lol
  18. That's the way I'm doing it. Figure out how much of the "lip" needs to be cut and divide that total between the two halves, equally cutting material from each piece. I'm doing an outside and inside cover strip, makes the pieces feel super sturdy.
  19. Awesome build so far. I'm sweating my RT forearms a bit too, I am following another build thread on using overlap/cover strips on one side and butt/cover strips on the other. If I try and male the opening for my hands any bigger I think it makes the opening for the too or the forearm too big. *sigh* There should be a special award for RT builds.
  20. Nothing real major. Thanks for the update!
  21. I look forward to these every month. Love it! Great job, folks.
  22. Holy hell that's awesome but pricey
  23. How about mannequins for RT size troopers?
  24. I always interpreted EIB as just that, a way to encourage old suits of armor to be upgraded to keep up with the improved versions. I'm still expanding my knowledge of the various makers but I know my RT came pretty much EIB ready. It just doesn't make sense for me not to go Centurion. Lol I would be only the second to have Centurion in my Garrison though which really blows me away.
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