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  1. Welcome Nick! Another fellow vancouverite here, make sure you swing by the Badlands garrison website and introduce yourself if you havnt yet... badlands.ca Let us know if you have questions! Hope to see you armored and on a troop some day, if you are planning to troop that is..
  2. Probably best to get a new set from rob, as I don't think the dimensions of his helmet have changed that much, his helmets now come with the correct bumps, so I don't see why you couldn't get a pair. Not sure about how other makers would fit, but also might be best to go with Robs again because of color matching the plastics. Just my 2 cents. Cheers! -Aaron
  3. Ears have all the bumps. I think at one point they didn't but now they are correct. Only thing that I would suggest is adding the extra screw to the bottom of each ear for accuracy. It's not a biggy, as its super easy to add yourself, but with when he did mine there was no screws. Other than that Robs kit is spot on for the taller or bigger troopers... He really does a great job on his helmets so I would just let the master work IMO...nothing to worry about! Regards, Aaron
  4. Welcome Jillian! (fellow Vancouver-ite) We need more TK's in the squad! Have you signed up on the Badlands forums yet? Great supportive group here on whitearmor.net and locally within the Outer Rim Squad. Dont be a stranger and ask many questions. I look forward to meeting you at a future troop! -aaron
  5. Congrats Eric! Whens the inauguration? Wheres the black tie gala celebration?.....
  6. Awesome idea, I was thinking about incorporating foam in some way, but that sounds like it might just work, thanks Geaux! @pattrooper - Hey Pat, are you signed up on the Badlands boards? If you are approved you should get out for a troop!
  7. its the vibration going up through the mic, if i take it off the helmet and hover it in the same spot the mic doesnt pick it up but its that its against the plastic...i was hoping there would be some sort of way to insulate the arm of the mic, I know i could just use the headset, but if there is a way I would prefer not to.
  8. Hey all, I have 1 squirrel fan and an aker mic set up in my helmet. I cut the mic down and installed it via velcro directly into the helmet as I found being large of head that it was difficult to put my helmet on with a mic around my ears. Since then I have had a lot of noise/vibrations being picked up by the mic because it is now right against the plastic only being separated by a layer of velcro...I didnt think it would be that bad but it sure is picking up a lot of sound and I sound like a car running. Have any of you run across this? Is there a way to insulate the mic or fan? I have tried the fan on the other side of the helmet also... btw all the tape and velcro in the helmet is an attempt to see if it could insulate it..looks a little ugly..sorry for the pic quality.
  9. WooT! Have fun with the build! Again, welcome to the RT-Mod club!
  10. Im 6'3" 215 pnds. I have an RT-Mod that fits quite well, lots of trimming as im lanky/long limbed, but one thing I find is that the thighs could do with being a little longer....
  11. Paypal sent! This really struck a note, thank you for organizing this Tom. -Aaron
  12. Welcome to FISD! I am exactly your measurements and I would definitely recommend the RT-Mod Kit, mainly because I have one, but also because its one slick kit! But again like Tom said, do your research and dont hesitate to ask questions. Where abouts in NC? NC is my home away from home....mainly because of the High Point furniture market... but also my favorite state! (I live in Canada).
  13. For holes I just filled rivet holes with ABS paste, worked quite well. You just need some shavings of ABS and some acetone! There is a tutorial in the tips section. As for blemishes , work from a heavier grit like 220 and get finer, also wet the sandpaper as you get to the finer grades and polish it up with some Novus! Don't be afraid to take sand paper to the shiny white, even though it doesn't feel natural.
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