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  1. Don't worry. I am green too and I just got my ICOMM. Anyone have recommendations for VOX mics?
  2. Awesome and exciting welcome page! All my best as far as your health is concerned.
  3. Yes sir!! I will keep you posted too! I am still buying the mats and tools. Should be ready to start in 2-3 weeks once I have time to read all the above links!
  4. I have been following both your build thread and, of course, Darth Aloha. Are you going for Centurion? Is there anything in your build thread that is currently not allowed for a Centurion? I know I have to first become a TK, then EIB, the Centurion...but I want to build the suit once and the right way!
  5. Yes it is ANH stunt version. I will have to check to see how many EIB / Centurions we have in the Garrison. Thanks for the links!
  6. Sorry, I am at a bit of a loss. I just got my RT-Mod and would love to head all the way up to Centurion. BUT, I cannot find comprehensive information on the new standards. First off, what is the "Cover Strip Method"? Is there a good guide on creating the straps and stuff that hold up the suit? I went to a troop yesterday and the methods two troopers used to hold up their leg armor was completely different. The look was the same once on, but when getting dressed, they were opposites. Problem is that the how-tos might be out of date with the new standards. Not sure. Thanks
  7. Just got my RT-Mod brown box of happiness today...(I'll do my own build thread soon enough) But I haven't had time to do much research here. Have a good link to a Centurion / RT Mod build using the Cover Strip Method?
  8. Correct. The T tracks on the Unique Canes / Sterling might need a closer look. Not sure. One thing is for sure, both the MR and Sterling are HEAVY!!!!! I won't bother with the MR and leave that as it is, the Sterling will get the counter and cylinders at some point. The Hyperfirm needs the D Ring attached.
  9. So here I am waiting for my RT-Mod armor. I was wait listed some time last year and finally was asked to send in a deposit. Not much to do or build? LOL So in the meantime I have been sorting out my E-11s. The interesting one here is the decommissioned Sterling done by Unique Canes. If there is interest, I'll post some more pictures of it!
  10. 48 and a father of two - and also just getting into this.
  11. Played - Star Wars Galaxies from Day 1 on the Tempest Server Wow from Day 1 until 2009 (yikes) SWTOR for maybe a month
  12. So my thought is a scope back in 1942 mounted on a tank was there to help GIs blow stuff up.....but what did these Hengstler Counters count? My first guess was copies on an old Zerox, but they predate that technology?
  13. Yes. And this is why I ask. I saw picts of the M19 being used in ANH, but cannot recall if it was a hero E-11 or Stunt. Anyway this is all for a build using a decommissioned Sterling, the correct Eagle 400 Counter, and a M38 scope. Just thought I would check the scope as I am still collecting the parts (As I wait for the RT-Mod armor)
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