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  1. jjv5150

    Leather Pouches

    How did u secure to belt?
  2. I'm having difficulty copying link. It's not copying as valid link... any help pls... TK3235..
  3. jjv5150

    Aker Help Please

    How did it Work?
  4. jjv5150

    Rare earth magnets

    Thanks for info.. what glue did you use?
  5. jjv5150

    Cloth vs Rubber Gaskets

    Great info. Can you point me in the direction of whom you ordered for both? Thanks
  6. jjv5150

    Helmet sound question

    What set up did you get? Hovi's?
  7. jjv5150

    I Need Boots

    HAve u tried CABOOTS? They sometimes have 2nds (which is what I got) and u cannot see any defects. .... By the way enjoying ur han solo thread on TDH...jjv5150
  8. jjv5150

    HOWTO: Sound System

    Just wondering..any updates?.... jaime
  9. jjv5150

    AP ANH armor progress

    Thanks Curtis.. I too am curiously awaiting the Bomar..enjoy ur thread...jaime
  10. jjv5150

    AP ANH armor progress

    Been following this tutorial, and hope to put it to use starting this weekend.. upgrading mine.. Got 1 question for anyone, what is a skullworx kit? thanks for any help...Awesome thread..thanks jjv5150
  11. jjv5150

    Im a Newb 0.0

    Hello.... this is the place to ask all ur questions..good luck....
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