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  1. Yay Darryl! I'm excited to have another FOTK here in CCG.
  2. Hey Steve, I’m your friendly garrison GML. Looks like you are doing some adjustments on some pieces after feedback here. Whenever you are ready to submit please make a thread in our dedicated sub forum for costume submissions. I see that you made an intro thread already. Feel free to reach out with any questions here or there. Phenomenal job thus far.
  3. Any progress is good progress. Nice work on those initial trims.
  4. I am working with him right now for a Mando visor. Been fine so far and Garrison mates have worked with him before.
  5. The backs of the belt boxes are curved because they will sit against the belt and contour to the curve of your waist better when you wear it.
  6. Is there a reason KB isn’t on the armor list?
  7. Best of luck. Rooting for you!
  8. Now you tell me! J/k Thank you. is there a place where one can look to see how many Executioners are approved in the legion? I know it is small.
  9. Howdy everybody. It has been a long while since I updated this. If you recall, this was a dual build since I was building and Executioner Trooper as well! Well let me tell you that getting the Executioner done was quite the journey. For those that remember, I had a helmet on order from Anovos. I'll let you guess how delivery of that piece turned out...(spoiler alert, it still hasn't been delivered). After cancelling that order, I then turned my focus to getting a painted helmet from Diversity Props in August 2018. Those familiar with DP know how that delivery went (spoiler alert, it never happened). After filing a fraud claim with my bank, I luckily was able to get my money back from that endeavor as well. Take 3...I went back to Anovos, but not in the way you think. Rumors emerged throughout the Facebook Quadrant of TLJ FOTK helmets readily available from Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. I asked a friend who goes there regularly to pick up up for me. She paid them money and miraculously, a helmet arrived 5 days later. An Anovos helmet even! I had painted the black bells and yoke ages ago so all that was left was the stripe on the helmet. Honestly, it was freaking me out. I put it off for a month. Nevertheless I set to it. The best advice I received from a garrison mate was to use Vinyl pin striping to mask off the curves. It made the best clean straight lines I've ever seen. I highly recommend it. Can be found at any auto parts store. With the helmet taped off, I went to work with Montana Brand primer and shock black gloss spray paint. Things were looking good, until they weren't. I was trying to get it done before Rose City Comic Con, was too impatient and royally goofed up the back of the helmet when applying the matte clear coat. V1 Helmet BAAAAARRRRRFFFFFF!!!!!! I royally screwed up the back. However, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Upon further inspection, I realized that my line was off and more angled than it should have been. So I wet sanded the rough part, re-taped the helmet, fixed the line and began anew. V2 Helmet: I was very pleased with V2! All that was left was to apply the decals on the bells. Oh wait that was the HARDEST PART OF ALL! Who knew that applying a flat decal on a round surface was the 9th circle of hell? Nevertheless, I got it done after many revisions. With the helmet and bells completed, all that was left was a photo session with my wife and the costume was submitted. Approval came through this evening. Laser Axe was purchased from Stormtrooper on Weekends. Find him on Facebook. And thus the loop closes on this project. It only took an extra 18 months but I'm very happy with how it turned out. My favorite costume with the least of amount of screen time ever I think. THE END!
  10. I too feel I have been taken by DP. Ordered a painted executioner helmet last August with a promised ship time of 4 weeks. Nothing but excuses and misdirection since then. Now I’m just being ghosted. Always “shipping soon”.
  11. You shouldn’t need to cut the yoke into two pieces. Just paint the arch portions matte black and you are well on your way.
  12. Looking good! I wouldn’t worry about widening the biceps just yet. Get the pieces done and see how it looks as a while before adjusting anything.
  13. Mine is arriving today! Perhaps I could do a very unprofessional first impressions video tonight.
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