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  1. I use a 3.5mm cable with a rolling volume control between the mic and amp.Glue or tape the volume control to the underside edge of You chest armor so You can swipe it up or down. It will never be noticed against the black undersuit.
  2. Just got some armor from him about seven weeks ago(18 month wait)results may vary.communication is tricky with him.Sometimes a day,sometimes a month for a response.My advice is to send him Your detailed armor request along with "Deposit ready" and go from there.
  3. Hi Miranda, I'm in the middle of an RT build and can answer just about any questions You have about the armor. See You next time You're in Anchorage. John Sorry, I didn't see Your post until today
  4. I ordered from Rob eighteen months ago and just go My armor two or three weeks ago.I don't think that wait is typical but was My experience. He seems to be a busy guy and will contact You when He is able. In Your case,I would send him another message as a month is quite a long time with no response.
  5. Thanks for the response.I understand what You are saying and am doing My best to be patient but when a guy says "Yes,I have Your payment and will ship tomorrow" and then refuses to ship or respond,I can't really see someone trying to defend or justify his behavior. I have made many purchases here and experienced delays at times without feeling like I was being jerked around.If someone can be so quick to open an email that contains a payment then they can open their email to respond when they're a month late on shipping.This dude was very easy to get in touch with until he got paid! Thanks again for Your response
  6. Anyone heard from Rob at rt?Been trying for three weeks
  7. Cut the part down that's poking You,Use wider cover strips and reshape(if needed)with water near boiling temp.When You get the perfect shape,immediately dunk in cold water.
  8. ID plate:Having trouble sending payment to Your paypal link on the forum. Any idea why?I've coppied and pasted it but it's not recognized

  9. Had the same problem during a troop. $12 fix
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