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  1. Looking awesome Christiaan! By the time your finished, it wont resemble a Hasbro blaster at all
  2. Hi! Whenever you have another run, I'd like to order a fan or 2. thx, Jenny

  3. These were super fun to build and both our Daughters were real troopers, cause they stayed in them for a while and were sweatin up a storm but they really liked the attention Here are a few pics I got
  4. True, I noticed it turning yellow on the inside spillage in my armor, luckily I taped it off good on the outside when I glued But that stuff does bond nice! I didn't realize how many people use E6000 for exclusively putting armor together. Guess it would work really well cause if you ever have to modd your armor you will be able to take it apart....I am definitely going to try this on my next set of armor
  5. I've had great luck with Devcon Plastic welder cream color
  6. Looking good Christaan......now get back to working on it
  7. Finally! Now you'll look as good as me Probably better...... Cant wait to see it finished
  8. I just Started offering these Squirrel Fan Kits. Imerial Squirrel Fan Kit
  9. Thanks Guys! Here are some pics of the pieces and a few more pics I liked These are the pieces I took home. Got some pieces of wood that still has some paint on them from the Barge. A few pieces of the foam from the sarlac pit and some pieces of the fake sand dunes they made that still has the spray-on sand. This is my favorite piece, it still has some metallic flakes of paint on it and an undercoat, mostly faded of course. But still cool...i was told that the front of the Barge had that paint scheme with metallic paint.
  10. Thanks for the comments guys! But I'll be polishing my shiny AP kit for a while trying to get all the grit out of it
  11. VERY COOL! I especially like the old Judge Dredd
  12. Hey Troops! A few of us from the So Cal Garrison went down to Buttercup Valley Dunes where they filmed and blew up Jabba"s Sail Barge scene this past Sat. It was so cool to be there and I didn't even know it was only 3 & 1 1/2 hours away from me. We got there around 8am and suited up to take pics before it got to hot. Then we went to the site where they blew up the sail barge. There are still pieces of the barge and the Sarlac pit all over. I found a few small pieces of wood from the front of the barge and it still had some of the metallic paint on it. and found quite a few pieces of foam from the Sarlac pit. It was a great experience. Here are some photos and the begining of my Heavy Weapons Trooper (still need backpack and ammo pouches) One guy felt a little out of place
  13. Does anyone know where I could find interior backgrounds? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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