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  1. The HWT Pack in the new CRL is one of my builds. It's actually an older one. I have since tightened up my specs to be even more accurate to what's seen in the game. <br> There are no antennas on the game pack. I always liked the look of it on my builds and offered it as an option. <br> I make it so that it is removable. You can simply unscrew it from the base for submission photos.
  2. Yes. Quartermaster has been MIA for awhile. I'm still around and still doing these when I can...
  3. Heads up on the Oil Pan back. The company now sells a 12 Qt version which is slightly smaller than the 16 Qt and may be a bit more "screen accurate" size wise.
  4. Hey all. Thanks for the nice comments on this pack. It is an older version HWT that was also slightly customized at the request of its owner. I am now offering screen accurate partial kits only. No full builds at this time. Please keep in mind that with the CRL changes, TD packs and any customized HWT packs are no longer being accepted.
  5. Ok guys and gals. You asked for it and here it is... http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29865-fs-new-crl-hwt-pack-parts-kit/ Hope this helps some of you out.
  6. Hey everyone. I haven't been on the forums in awhile due to some personal and family issues this past year so this is just coming to my attention as well. I have built in the past some pretty accuarate HWT Battlefront styled packs and hope to continue to do so in the future. I am coming off a broken hand and surgery so I haven't been able to do much in the shop andd TD pack orders are waiting. I will be posting an HWT Pack Kit which will include the hard to find/make detailed box pieces. Price for the kit is yet to be determined. I will do my best to get the kits poured and out in a timely manner for those interested. Stay tuned...
  7. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which way you go. When the gear is done right, you will look awesome no matter what character you are emulating. You should just do what you think is cool for you. I personally have never owned just a TK. My 1st set of armor was a battered and bruised old set of FX Sandtrooper armor I picked up super cheap. It needed a lot of TLC. After working on it for 6 months, it really came out great. That was back in 2009 and I still troop the same suit to this day. And remember, you can pass for MEPD Officer and don't have to go SWAT level if you don't want to. I personally like my TD having it's own personality. Me on the left... All that being said, Sandies do seem to get serious attention out in public!
  8. Hey Patrick! Sorry for the very late post! Haven't been on very much lately and actually took some time off from pack building. Back at it now. Thanks so much for the kind words. Glad you are happy with it! Enjoy!
  9. Just finished up a new HWT pack order and wanted to share some pics. I have been playing around with offering a different style base for the packs. Something slightly smaller and more boxy. Stumbled across a tool style case that almost perfectly fit the bill. An added bonus of the base is that it is hinged and opens for added storage. Should be no problem getting the Thermal Detonator to fit under the pack which is a requirement for HWT. I also did a re-design of the radio faceplate and slightly downsized the kit. All scratch built parts for the pack have also been molded and I will be offering them up in kit form very soon for those of you who want to build your own accurate HWT pack. Look for my interest thread on these parts soon.
  10. Hopefully someone from Command will chime in here, but be careful with the customizations guys and girls. I'm sure it is ok to deviate a bit and get regular approval, but if you intend on going EI or Centurian, you will need to have a spot on pack as per TD style or the Game Version to get approved.
  11. Looks awesome Mark! Really great job! Congrats! Look into an EFX lid. I used one for my Incinerator Trooper and because it's simetrical, it is perfect for the Video Game characters. My armor was also AM and it matched perfectly. Try Redfordfilms.com I got mine from there for $129 and free shipping.
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