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  1. I would recommend it. I'm building my kit currently, but I knew I didn't want to be wire connected. Also, I liked the idea of the sound coming from the hovi's instead of an external speaker mounted behind the chest plate. As for wiring inside, it's really how you lay it out. I may adjust mine a little more on the inside. (I have a few other items inside as well. )
  2. Now for today... I am beginning the part that has me the most anxious. Trimming! I have my guide printed (@ukswrath) and am going to trim it all out before beginning the sizing. Once trimmed I'll post pictures of the pieces for feedback and directions. I know there are parts where there should be no return edge (i.e. the wrist end of the forearms), but if someone is able to list all the parts and which ends of each part, should not have a return edge for the Centurion level, it would be of great assistance!
  3. I have a doopy E-11. But I want to take my time on that build as I would love to make it as real and functioning (lights/sound) as possible. The completion kits and sound kits will require some more purchases, but for now that will be my afterwards project. In the meantime I ordered and just received my E-11 from Praetorian Blasters. A bit of nerd out time occured as I walked around the house with it and then watched a show while using it to point to things for my wife and daughter. It's well made and if you didn't know some of the parts look like real metal! This appears to be L3
  4. My other accomplishment has been the installation of the electronics set-up from @ukswrath. Let me say, if you need anything like this I am quite impressed. Hearing assist, hovi mic speakers, cooling fans bracket. Added a Bluetooth transmitter and Bluetooth earbuds to keep me from being "plugged" into the bucket with traditional earbuds. Here are the hovi mics from the speaker system. The plastic ones simply unscrewed from the bucket. I had to then drill a slightly larger opening for the speaker posts, but was very easy to put in. Aside from the sound ability, I believe the
  5. Thank you everyone! Since the last post I've accomplished tow projects. First is the Husky Storage bin. It was time to move the kit from the BBB and into its new home. Here is the before and after pictures. Yuu can barely see the top of one of cat's head next to the bin on the far right. Open box seems to be an invite to them! Found this foam at Wal-Mart. Depending on how much space is available once the kit is trimmed, I am considering adding another 1/2 inch of foam on the bottom. The fabric came from Jo-Ann
  6. I received all the electronics and have placed them in the bucket. Let me say, I'm very impressed. If you see any issues with my set-up in the pictures I'm about to show, please let me know.
  7. Thank you for all of this information. Very helpful! I'm about to upload some new photos of the recent activity I've been up to. In it will be a few more bucket pics. I'll hold on the tube stripes for now.
  8. Would you happen to know the size of those slotted screws? If not no biggie, I'll just take one of the upper ear screws with me to the store. I do intend on ordering a belt from Kittle. BUt need to complete the trimming and then measure. For the strapping I was going with the brackets from @Mr. No Stripes I was originally considering the snaps. I suppose if these should fail me then I'll need to go to the snaps.
  9. I appreciate it. It is great to have this group for guidance and encouragement.
  10. Thank you! What's interesting is the poster they packed with this kit shows full teeth not like the actual bucket. So apparently somewhere along the line the "less is better" mantra must of kicked in.
  11. That diagram helps greatly! I have ordered the Humbrol paints and once they arrive I'll get to those teeth.I was happy this bucket doesn't seem to have overspray, but felt something was off with the frown, but wasn't completely sure.
  12. To begin I've done tons of forums readings and have a question/concern regarding the bucket. I have the brow spacing that has been discussed recently so feel good there. It's the ear rotation and stripes I'm curios about. Are these good to go for Centurion? Or am I looking at some modifications that must be done for approval at this level? If so advice and guidance on how to accomplish it will be greatly appreciated. Remember, I'm not as skilled yet and would hate to damage or ruin it by some silly mistake!
  13. Hey Everyone, I had the long wait for my Anovos armor. When it arrived it was the day before our family moved from Orange Park, FL (Jacksonville area) to Columbia, MS (30 minutes west of Hattiesburg). That was July 3rd 2017. Fast forward to today and I am finally settled in and able to begin my first ever build. To say I'm excited, nervous, and all the rest is an understatement. I have been acquiring items, tools, and a workbench. Plus I have recently ordered additional items to further assist and hopefully improve my build (I'll be listing these soon). The aim is buil
  14. Two quick questions regarding the gloves. First: I have read numerous posts on Nomex gloves being good for trooping. Does anyone disagree with this after having trooped with them? Second: Reading the CRL am I correct in assuming that the Nomex gloves are also valid for approval at the EIB and then Centurion level (since there is no level 3 additional requirement with the CRL)? Or must I have rubber/latex gloves? (I have seen a pair on trooperbay) My goal is Centurion ANH-S, but don't want to buy the wrong item and be off on the wrong foot as I await the armor to arrive. Thanks f
  15. Thank you for the reply. I'm leaning towards staying ANH, but everyday I think I've decided, then ESB sounds good again! It's all prepping and waiting right now. You have to love "Q1" shipping date. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
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