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  1. Thanks for the offer but I did get a handle downloaded from tinkercad I think. I was having a closer look at their design and it would be fine for display but I think that where the handle joins the body may be too weak to stand up to swinging it around. <br> On a side issue, from some of the guys in Jim's build group, it seems that Blu-Bin are now playing the system with PayPal and people are having problems with their claims. Please spread the word about this outfit so nobody else gets screwed over. And if anyone is in any of the Northern California garrisons then please have a word with Pena!
  2. No, I found them on the 3D Print Props group which is public. The Jimmiroquai group is private as far as I know, presumably so that the posts primarily focus on building Jim's armour, but have never seen the blu-bin folks on there. Yeah, I can imagine that they prioritise face to face customers. It's far easier to simply delete mail from Internet ones.
  3. Should just add, I've had a look at their FB page and it appears that they are still running, although the negative comments seem to have disappeared.<br> I've no doubt that they simply took on more orders than they could handle. Offering 3D printed props for sizeable items like the baton and shield is lunacy to begin with. The first thing you learn about 3D printing is that it is incredibly slow. Failure to respond to requests for info or refunds though is unforgivable though no matter the circumstances.<br> Yes, Alder has been kicked off the Jimmiroquai build page now, although he seems to go by three different names.
  4. Hi, I haven't posted on here a lot so apologies if this is in the wrong place.<br> I'm posting this to warn other members of a 3D printing outfit going by Blu-Bin. Back at the end of January I saw a post on a 3D Props page on FB promoting their 3D printed stun batons and shields. I duly ordered a baton and was told it would be sent out in two weeks. Nothing arrived and I was fobbed off with excuse after excuse until they stopped replying altogether. This continued to April when I gave up and opened a PayPal dispute. Surprise surprise, the box arrived around ten days later. Being the idiot that I am, I closed the dispute before I checking the contents properly. The handle and one of the greeblies was missing so I fired off another email and was promised a replacement. I even asked them to send me the handle file on its own and I would print it myself but apparently it would take too long for me to print. That was the last I heard from them and because I closed the dispute I'm screwed. I've been emailing the various Blu-Bin members since then with no response. I had decided to mark it down to experience until someone posted about them on the Jimmiroquai FOTK build group on FB. That seemed to get the ball rolling and it turns out that there are about 5 or 6 who have had similar experiences with Blu-Bin. I'm one of the lucky ones in that I actually received something. Most of the others haven't received anything from them and have experienced the same radio silence. Between us, it was agreed that the boards should be made aware of this business so that nobody else loses money to them. I sent several emails to them informing them that we were going to go to the boards and no response. That's how much they care about their customers or, indeed, their business.<br> I've checked on google this morning and their physical shop is now listed as permanently closed so it seems unlikely that any orders will be sent out now.<br> I know the names of three of the people who own or have taken orders for Blu-Bin but I don't know if I am permitted to post them. I would be concerned that this crowd will pop up again with a different name but the same dodgy business practices. One of them even to purports to be a member of the 501st. They same guy who sent a cheeky "have a nice day" message to one of the other customers who told them that he would open a PayPal dispute. That's not how 501st members behave.
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