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  1. yeah, I was just told it'd be a 10 month wait period. Which I don't mind as I'm in no-rush. As far as local squads, how did you go about finding yours?
  2. Hey everybody, I'm not gonna diverge into why I want a high quality stormtrooper costume cos it's probably the same reason you all wanted one. My question is that I stumbled across ATA Works, and I've heard great things about the kit and all that. Cool. I inquired about the price, seems reasonable, put myself on the waiting list now. The only question that remains is... the kit. I honestly have had little to no experience with costuming or kits of this sort, and I honestly feel that if I do make a big commitment to a kit like ATA's that it'll just end up being a disaster. Is there any reliable and trustworthy people that I can commission to build the kit for me? Is that even a thing? If anyone can give me a list of references or their contact info it would be highly appreciated. Thanks for listening!
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