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  1. Update: I took a gamble and tried to amend the ear that's currently on the helmet. I don't recommend this as it's super stressful and I predictably made things worse initially! After much messing around the ear is now a bit thinner and crucially covered by the rubber neck seal a bit more now. This is about as good as I'll be able to get it I reckon. Any opinions as to whether I could troop like this? (Please disregard awful paint job, touch up is definitely required) EDIT: For anyone that's interested it turns out the originals weren't that great either! Finding pictures like this has made me feel better You can see that the bottom of the ear piece is no where near the neck, much like mine! Maybe I can pretend it was intentional for a more "authentic" look....Yea, nobody's buying that
  2. hey, thanks for the reply. I don't think I put the ears on the wrong side but anything is possible! You might know to look at it if I've done something stupid... Here are a couple of pics of the "messed up" ear (I've been messing about with it this evening hence missing a screw) For contrast this is the right ear which tucks under the seal...
  3. Hi all, First post on these forums, I've used a number of guides on here to help me with my first build and they've been super helpful but I've messed up! Long story short, the bottom piece of one of the ears is at a pretty aggressive angle and isn't covered by the rubber neck seal. I don't currently intend on trooping but I'd like to keep the option open so I guess my question is, is this worth fixing? I'll probably have to start from scratch on the spare ear that came with the ATA kit and I'm worried I'll damage the helmet as it's almost complete now with the visor installed etc. It doesn't annoy me that much but if it would mean for example it wouldn't get approved for trooping, I'd definitely look at fixing it. Just wondered if any one had attempted to fix anything similar, whether it was worth it and how this would affect trooping approval Thanks!
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