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  1. Hello Everyone! I just got received my ATA Works Kit in the mail today (Happy 10th Anniversary to them btw), and I am beyond overwhelmed! I’ve been looking into the forums and it’s been really confusing as it seems everyone does it different. I think the main thing I’m asking is: 1) Can someone point me in the direction of some really informative stunt builds? 2) What’s next? What and how much do I need to buy to make my building experience more enjoyable? (Rivets, buttons, velcro, magnets, etc.) Thanks for your help!
  2. Thanks for all the tips guy! Will be going with an ATA kit, and I hope to troop with you guys in the future!! Thanks again
  3. Yeah I was thinking the same, it doesn’t look to be assembled all that well, and will probably end up being more than an actual kit. I’m currently looking at ATA’s trooper, do you have any other suggestions or would ATA suffice?
  4. I found this online for $850 OBO the description lists it as: A Preowned and modified ANH TK Suit from RSPropmasters also includes a E-11 Blaster Rifle is this legit and for the price should I jump on it? Thanks in advance!
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