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  1. Good to know. Can't be possibly worse than stock Anovos lenses. I feel like I'm underwater and drunk as a skunk when I put that bucket on.
  2. I had a set of Vader Painter replacement lenses for my FOTK bucket on my Ebay watch list forever but never bought them (my mistake). Now he's gone and my armor is close to being done. I did a search but didn't see any current options pop up here. If there are any makers for lenses out there, please let me know. I don't think I'd be able to keep my bucket on very long with the stock lenses.
  3. How about the sanding? I'm being told 400 grit is the way to go. Did you wet and dry sand?? Any pointers on that... going to start that this weekend!
  4. @Jayben Kenobi How did the project go? I'm in the same situation now and doing my homework. Couple fellas in the Garrison did theirs with the Rustoleum 2x with good results. I plan to do the same, but always looking for pointers from those with real experience.
  5. Total shot in the dark here, but does anyone who has done an FOTK according to UKSWrath's tutorial that has the Devcon glue and glue gun dispenser want to get rid of theirs? Before I bought new I thought I'd ask here before buying. Didn't realize how pricey the the dispenser is...more than the glue itself!! It would be the Mark 5 Epoxy Gun, Devcon 14280.
  6. For those who have used Nomex, what did you attach the hand plates with? I try a spray adhesive and E6000 and neither of them worked. Any other ideas??
  7. TK2311 Requesting full access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=1604
  8. That's awesome! I've been sitting on this kit for almost a year. This is good inspiration.
  9. Nice! What did you end up going with for all the seams? Bondo? Body filler? ABS paste?
  10. @ukswrath I'm just starting on my journey and I have a dremel, lexan scissors and the belt sander. What grit sandpaper for the belt sander would say is best for trimming and shaping?
  11. @ukswrath I'm just starting on my journey and I have a dremel, lexan scissors and the belt sander. What grit sandpaper would say is best for trimming and shaping?
  12. I have trooped the rubber gloves for 6-7 hours straight and my hands were prunes...but the smell....GOOD GOD THE SMELL!!! I need something else for Non-LFL events, so I'm glad I found this thread. I'm pretty sure I have some black nomex in my garage somewhere.
  13. One of the first things I noticed on my kit, is the the bottom of the front thigh pieces are very different from what I see in the movie. It looks like they need to be trimmed to the right shape. If you were to trim them at the pull lines, they wouldn't look the same. Is that normal and is there a good template to do that?
  14. HA! I'm in the same boat! Just came in as well! I've done a couple TKs and TD but this all new to me.
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