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  1. I was told that the smell comes from tanning the leather with urea (chemical found in urine) I'll leave it at that.
  2. MRCE is the answer for affordable and symmetrical.
  3. A rugged version of the iPad would be helpful during armor parties. You could show reference pictures pretty easily with that thing.
  4. Your ESB looks great! You and Ian seem like a great bunch of guys, wish I could troop in Ohio with you all.
  5. Now since you mentioned you are into showbiz, I would think you'd make a great addition as a stormtrooper, because your already experienced in entertainment. I expect to see some funny youtube videos of you in armor in the near future
  6. I second this idea. blizzardforce detachment had a similar contest with prizes, and it was pretty funny
  7. Legally you cannot charge anyone to appear in a star wars costume. The 501st is a volunteer organization. Just keep that in mind if you do join.
  8. Being part of the 501st is like having gained thousands of new brothers and sisters, (and distant cousins!) As a good example, I am a member of the Pacific Outpost, and the local Garrison here in Washington, caught wind of me being on vacation here and treated me and my girlfriend to a nice lunch and we met and shared stories. Our detachment leader, Paul, was at the lunch, was kind and offered me a Titan Garrison patch as a welcome gift, as well as an Expert Infantry patch, which I will be earning sometime this year, when I upgrade my FX TK to TM armor. Additionally you gain access to 501st goodies not available to the public... EDIT: being in the 501st allows you more opportunities to wear your costume and even do good with charity work.
  9. avoid rivets if you want to go for accuracy
  10. Wow, with those skills, you could probably make a working one... Very impressed...
  11. The wires from your hengslter counter should connect to the back of the two "laser pointers" not the front of them. Like in this pic: Otherwise great job
  12. I like my HAWAII STANDARD TIME. Clocks never change for us.
  13. That won't work, I think he's talking about the logo printed directly onto the fabric. I was told acetone removes it, but I haven't tested it myself so I'm not sure.
  14. Ooooh Nice... BTW our TK ID is almost the same. I'm TK-6918!
  15. Good luck T, stay safe, I wish I could join you and help out.
  16. WetOkole is Shaughnessy from our own outpost, I'll call him and let him know.
  17. That ain't leather, that's vinyl. You can get it at any fabric shop.
  18. Why wasn't I informed of this? haha.. When do you plan on doing this?
  19. Armor is easier to build in my opinion.
  20. Wow, people bid on that stuff? <_< Someone couldn't pay me $12 to wear it.
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