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  1. UPDATE: I took the necessary steps to secure my website by creating and activating an SSL Certificate provided by my host server company. From now on, when you log into www.imperialissue.com you'll now see it's preceded with "https://" not "http://" Your browser will also indicate the site is secure. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Rob "TKittell" Kittell
  2. Hi guys. Let me interject here. I can assure you my site is legitimate and not a clone site. Payments are processed securly through PayPal and everything is password protected on my site with my admin privileges. I haven’t been made aware of other hacking coincidences from other customers following their orders. Sorry to hear about your hacking, but I doubt it was related to me or my website. PS, your belt did go out in the mail today. Rob
  3. I second that. In the end, it will probably cost you more time and money than it's worth.
  4. 'Tis the cold season to grab a pair of spandex/lycra underwear from Target. That's what I use. They carry the Champion brand. Also, my 2 cents... don't go with a one piece. Totally unnecessary.
  5. Here's another tip I found... Use a Copper Pipe Deburring tool on your rough ABS edges after you Dremel. The Dremel likes to leave rough edges, just hit it with the deburring tool! Works like a champ! Especially in the tight spaces like the eyes and teeth of the TK helmets. You really can't go wrong with using it.
  6. I'm in the process of making my 4th and 5th TK Hero helmets and I'm using my true and trusted technique for forming the metal mesh to be inserted into the tips of the mics. The lid of the Chapstick works perfectly when it comes to finding the perfect circumference. Not the rounded "top" side of the cap, but use the bottom of the cap. Then I use a dab of E-6000 on the inside of the mic, and insert the mesh. Works every time! So I thought I'd help some of you out when it comes time to insert the mesh into the mic opening. Who would of thought... Chapstick!
  7. Nice painting job on the helmet and buttons! That's a sweet belt! Although I might be biased. Should be an easy pass!
  8. Thanks. My planetoid head fits just fine in my current helmet. I just want one more proportional to the rest of my body in armor. Sounds like RT-Mod is what I'm looking for.
  9. I've got a movie-accurate sized bucket, but I'm 6'2" and it looks a tad on the small side when I'm wearing it with my armor. I'm thinking of getting one that's bigger, like FX sized, but without the flaws of FX. Anyone know of an accurate, but larger, bucket maker?
  10. I don't have a pad for the crown area. That would have made it hard for me to see out the lenses as well. But I did use Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) pads around the circumference to keep it secure. I'd go with that.
  11. I can make her belt. Just PM me her waist circumference (with armor on), an address, and I'll get it out the next day. I assume she'll need the width shortened as well to match up with her smaller armor. Just let me know.
  12. Thanks for addressing that small side gaps are okay for EI (myth #5). I clamshell-hinged a friend's kit (small gap), and a fellow garrison member said it needed a shim to be EI. I knew a small gap was okay, but now I can cut and paste it and forward it to my ignorant friend to prove to him I was right! Just kidding. Keep up the good work! We're soaking it up!
  13. Hmm, nope. I just checked my PM settings. Email notification box was checked. Can you PM me for a test run?
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