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  1. I made a pocket for the inside of my chest using a black pencil case from a dollar store. Cut out the zipper, cut it in half, sew up the side and some velcro on the back to attach it to the chest. Slip in the Aker and thats it.
  2. It looks to be a Mercedes 16 quart oil change container. Excellent job on making the packs.
  3. Sorry for the late reply but wasn't getting notices till now for some reason. I did as Terry suggested and it works fine.
  4. Painted. Parts breakdown. Makes it easy to transport.
  5. Added the forward sight. The ring is a coupling cut in half with a shaped piece of wood screwed to it then capped off with the cap from a Nasonex bottle glued in place. overall shaping up.
  6. Made and mounted the front scope. I used 3/4" copper pipe and fitting, mounted it using wall brackets for gas pipe. Nice and strong.
  7. Thanks! What's left? The second scope, forward sight, cocking handle plus the main body details, then paint.
  8. Thanks! I used plastic drip pans that you put under flower pots.They are just vac formed clear thin plastic, I just trimmed and glued them in place. The ones I used were 6".
  9. Added the rear sight and test fitting before detailing up the magazine drums. Getting started Filled sanded and ready for paint.
  10. Basic assembly of the magazine. Styrene strip to be used to wrap over the parts. Starting with the top. I used E6000 and let it dry overnight before gluing the next section. And working my way around. End pieces trimmed and glued it's ready for detailing up.
  11. Just curious to find out what some of the troopers here find works best for them when painting up their favorite BFG or E11?
  12. We did a troop in January for The Altimers Walk for memories and decided to take a walk down Toronto's Bay Street by ourselves and had no problem. I did with the cold though. ------------
  13. Thanks. Finished off making the slots, just need to clean them up with a file. Next is to add the inner barrel and cap it off with a 1 inch washer for the end.
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