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  1. thanks guys I really appreciate your kind words! and like i said before if you need any extra information or a picture from a different angle let me know and i will take care of it
  2. thanks for all your kind comments hehe i just might do that Well i studied laserphysics for a while but than changed my main focus back on particle physics
  3. So now all that was left was to paint it! I did it using an Airbrush and a K-3 Airbrush Pistol and it worked perfekt! Never had so much fun painting! I sprayed twice primer on it (which was also black) and twice flat black. Afterwards i used a sponge and some metallic paint to apply a battle damage look. A couple of things are still missing at this point: the Ray Propagation LED's and the perfect rivets for the folding stock. some Details: and of course you can see some action: and finally how the might come boxed in Star Wars when a trooper just orderes his E11 I hope this might help some of you and i will try to update this Tutorial sice I'm quite sure that somethings are missing or should be written differently. So if there is anything you need to know let me know I also have to ad a video from the finished thing! It now has all the features implemented and it really is a lot of fun to play around with it greetings Carsten
  4. after building, gluing and grinding it looks like this: The rail for the scope is being mounted in one hole and in the rearsight insert where i glued a M5 nut. The rail also secures the barrol from falling out and it works better than i imagined! to give you an idea what my blaster looked like at this point: the small piece for the knife was entirely remodeled. I just didn't have better pictures at that time. this is the counterbox, when all led's were still working as supposed to ... sadly after gluing one yellow stopped working so now it is a little battledamaged I Also have to say that this is NOT the counterbox i finally used! I was lucky enough to get a hold on a real counterbox But I think these pictures might be helpful for some to see how to use a Resin Counterbox and light it up! now the scope ... it is not done yet, but just for you to get an impression! i drilled a 16mm hole in it, cut it into pices, got some aluminum foil inside, as well as a part of an old cd, a led and a crosshair and glued it all back together. The led works as an on/off led. after it is painted some lenses will be applied. to get an impression of the whole thing: (also showing a part of the d-ring) and last but not least the folding stock "snaps" now in the endcap locking it
  5. here you can see the plugs for the clip. I used 4 so i would still be able to recharge each batterie (i used 2 Li-ion 900mAh) which are permanently mounted in the clip. also the finished clip: here i had a minor set back ... since i was only able to fit both batteries inside gluing the U shaped pice wrong sided. I know its not movie like, but i hope you will forgive me ^^ Also a couple of minor updates: the frontsight insert: and of course the entire back of the blaster: a got a nice spring which looks just like the original: a picture of theejection port cover (it took me 2 hours to grind the details ^^) all together: now lets talk about the handle: it has a vibrationmotor, a momentary switch for the menueselection, a momentary switch for the trigger, a rotation switch for full/single (i thought it would be cool to make it funktional) i hope you can see the grinded places where the parts have been applied.
  6. How to build a E11 from scratch Hy troops! It has been a while since I finished my blaster, but since there are not a lot of tutorials on the FISD I thought it might help some of you Since i had seen Pablo's blaster on youtube I was fascinated by the posibilites and then i found this marvellous tutorial on the web, so if there is any step unclear from my small tutorial you should look it up here: http://darksidesithlords tutorial and i really have to thank those two, without Pablos inspiration and this tutorial it would have been a lot harder! before I start with the tutorial here is a basic overview of my blaster: Length: ca. 50 cm Hight: (max) 20 cm With: (max) 15 cm Weight: 1.25 kg Work hours: ca 150h Features: - working foldingstock - cocking action - "real" removable energieclip with LiIon Batteries - illuminated Scope with Crosshair - illuminated original Hengstler Counterbox - working Trigger , Single/Full Switch, Menuebutton, forcefeedback handle - locking endcap - Sound FX (Blastercore) - 6 Ray LED's - original Hengstler Counterbox So, lets start in the beginning: I started of with what you can see in this picture: just a couple of sheets of Aluminium and two Pipes: 1x 36mm pipe 60cm long 1x 32mm pipe 15cm long 2x 2mm 30x30 cm sheet (that was a little too much) 2x 1mm 30x30 cm sheet 1x 1.5mm 30x30 cm sheet (way too much ^^) these are some of the tools i used: I'm not quite sure if i remember every tool i used, but i will try to make a list with the most important ones: - Dekupiers├Ąge (its a German word for something like an automatic fretsaw): Its the orange saw on the picture above. I used this to cut the Aluminium which worked really good! In the beginning you might ruin a couple of sawblades, but you will get used to it and i know that a couple of german guys are using those saws now too. - drill press: you can see it on the picture. You could use a normal drilling machine, but its very comfortable to have it fixed when drilling all the holes in the barrel ^^ And of course you need a lot of driller - Drehmel: I'm not sure that you know what i'm talking about but its like a small drilling machine you can use for some fine grinding, etc - file: i had a lot of different ones - a lot of sandpaper! - thread-cutting tap (you can use glue in some cases but i like it when you can disassemble things ) - a bench vise and yeah probably a lot of small stuff like screwdrivers, different handsaws, clamps, small pieces of wood (i used them to bend pieces: for example the U shape from the folding stock. first i drilled the holes, then I bolded it on a piece of wood and finally i bended both sides. This way you get two nice L shaped edges) for the blastercore you will need a standart electric equipment including a soldering bolt, wires, etc. but lets get started! i used double-faced adhesive tape to glue the blueprints on the sheets (you get those at the BBC: Blaster Builder Club. I will upload them for you as long as its okay with the owner. And yeah the credit for those goes to iambuddy from the BBC! these are some awesome blueprints!) after this you use your fretsaw to cut them. Once you are used to it this will be pretty easy! Afterwards it needs a little sanding and then its good for bending. here is the first part of my blaster when it was kind of finished: the bench vise you see in the back is all i used for bending. And i should also say that if you need any closer steps while building your own blaster look here and you will find it all: http://darksidesithlords tutorial so this is what i had done after a day: since i had a week of i was able to get a whole lot done! the T-tracks are made from PVC and were first cut in all dimensions and then bended (using heat). the raw material for the T-tracks looks like this its used to store cable. The front nozzle was made out of a lot 2mm sheets which were glued and once it is painted you wound be able to tell. Its an easy way if you dont have the right grinding machines to work with thicker material... and yes it is upside down here you can see how i designed the barrel in a way that it will hold the blastercore (the grinded area), the speaker and also the ray led's. And since I'm using pluggs to connect the handle (more about that later) with the blastercore it is quite easy to pull everything out in case you want to change something:
  7. outstanding maybe you could do some comparison shots so everybody sees how much work you put in!
  8. Hi there, i just recently finished my helmet including the RomFX. Since I'm not a big fan of loose cables i wanted to keep everything inside the helmet (its just easier for trooping). Therefore i had to get some Mictips with speaker (He makes awesome ones: link ). Then I used a case for the RomFX and grinded some holes for the cables and buttons, the batteries were split in small cases each containing two AA cells and yeah finally everything was build in the hemlet, but i guess now you might wanna see some pics I used the standard Mic, although you have to be very near with you mouth for it to work properly. The foam around the mouth prevents my natural voice from leaving the helmet so that you (almost) hear only my amplified voice. And although those Mictipsseaker are small they are powerful enough Using this setup i also haven't had any problems with feedback! maybe this helps you a bit greetings
  9. oh man i though i would make it but as I'm still waiting for my belt its starting to look that i'm not going to be one of the first 100 hmm, still have some hopes though
  10. thanks again for your comments i used exactly two of those: kneepad (I hope ebay links are okay!) and yes this is my very first suit I only made my RG before. about how long? ... well i spend about a month building it but I spend a lot of time during this month the blaster took me about >160 hours and yet there is always just a tiny bit left to do (here a of my blaster but i really have to make another one from the "finished" one) greetings Carsten
  11. thanks to all of you for your kind comments two kinds: a kneepad which i cut into pieces and around the mouth this is just foam which was left over from my blasterbox (see blastertopic) hell yeah ... ok at least I will try ^^. As soon as i get my belt i will request my TK number and EIB. i know ... i propably would do it today ... but i just didn't have the patience yes the helmet is a different one like R2Dan already said for more pictures take a look here: http://s638.photobucket.com/albums/uu102/TR9109/Stormtrooper/ thanks it is quite comfy! In there is the RomFX (mounted in a plastic case) battery pacs and thats almost it ^^. The foam around the mouth is to prevent my natural voice of going out of the helmet so that you only hear the voice through the mic tips. greetings Carsten
  12. so, there is not much left to show the belt: since i didn't have rivet covers I had to create some myself using some of the material i cut from the armor blaster and holster: the stripes to attach the belt aren't connected yet, but as soon as I have the belt I'm going to rived them on. if you like the blaster you might want to take a look at another topic i posted here a while ago: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=6904&st=0&p=88058entry88058 neckseal: detonator: ok, i really hate the detonator and my shoulderparts and they need to go therefore currently I'm waiting for the replacement. soooo i hope you aren't bored yet lets take a look at my bucket (its also Mfx) and the inside: so since I showed piece by piece lets take a look at the entire suit! (keep in mind that the shoulders are going to be replaced and that the belt is missing, therefore also no dropboxes, which makes the upper legs look to low, as soon as the belt is done i will take care of it) here a pic where i added myself to the movie and adjusted the colours a little bit: for more pictures go here: http://s638.photobucket.com/albums/uu102/TR9109/Stormtrooper/Armor%20Phase%20V/'>http://s638.photobucket.com/albums/uu102/TR9109/Stormtrooper/Armor%20Phase%20V/ http://s638.photobucket.com/albums/uu102/TR9109/Stormtrooper/Armor%20Phase%20VI/'>http://s638.photobucket.com/albums/uu102/TR9109/Stormtrooper/Armor%20Phase%20VI/ and here are also a ton more of pis to find: http://s638.photobucket.com/albums/uu102/TR9109/Stormtrooper/ thats it for now and now its yout turn! Let me know what you think I think the suit is really not perfect, but i tried to make it as close to the movie as I could and i therefore would be very happy for suggestions from your side greetings Carsten
  13. Hi Troops, since I'm approx 90% finished with my trooper and I really hope that I'm going to apply for my EIB status also in a couple of weeks so I though you might be interested in my build (I'm allready a member of the 501st beeing TR-9109) The suit is a Mfx and yeah it really is not 100% movie accurate, but when I purchased it I only had very little of the knowledge I earned during building this suit! And yeah I'm sooner or later going to be one of the TM guys I guess. But for now I'm trying to go the extra mile with the Mfx. If you spot something thats way off or if you have a good suggestion to any part I would be very happy for letting me know! So, before I start I need to thank a couple of guys (and if i forget someone please indulge) R2Dan - who had to listen to all my questions day and night John - for the awesome RomFX Rees - for making awesome HoviMicTips with speakers stukatrooper - for all his pictures TI-7670 - for the rubber parts and his opinion Mike - for his ANH Decals firebladejedi - for his belt which i hope to get soo BH-4517 - for the holster kwdesigns - for the inner dropboxes trooper1 - for the pauldron (i know, but i like it and i wont be wearing it on events) ok, so i guess I'm going to start with what the current status. This is what the torso looks like right now: front: back: right side: left side: as you can see i used rivets and painted them white on left side and just one rivet on the right side which stays unpainted for right now. so lets take a look at the inside: I used stukatroopers pics as reference. on the back piece i had to glue two snaps on so the shoulderstripes which connect top and back would stay in place. The shoulderparts are connected to the white cargostripe seen in the first picture. so lets move on to the front: not much to say here, therefore lets move to the arms: I attached everything so it will stay in place and as far as i know its movie accurate (okok not the gloves and i'm almost convinced to get rubber ones ) here some details: and now to the legs: the belt holds them up and is made of the same canvas which i used for making the inner strap system.
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