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  1. As an approved The Force Unleashed Incinerator trooper, I must do this version as well! I can not wait to figure out all the details for this kit!!!
  2. Hey Jeffrey If you havent already signed up on the forums the Dewback Ridge Garrison could possibly help you. Come on over and share your progress there http://www.dewbackridge.com/forums/
  3. Going to be upgrading my TK and trying to bring it up to Expert Infantry status soon Life got in the way last time but this time I should be able to do it!
  4. Jarred TK-6353 Dewback Ridge Garrison
  5. Congrats Glad to see you join us in the ranks as a INC Now go roast some Ewoks trooper!
  6. Thanks bro I've got some ideas on how to do it I contacted a saber maker to get a price and am waiting for a reply
  7. Would this work for a basic Starkiller lightsaber base?
  8. Here a pic I found on another forum
  9. Going to order the trim thursday and add the squares to the belt tomorrow
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