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  1. I had my picture taken with Hammill at C V and I put him about 5'7" - 5'8."
  2. Welcome aboard! There are plenty of troopers in the Dallas area. The North Texas Squad of the Star Garrison covers that area. Good luck.
  3. One of the best TK suits I have ever seen. The envy of the Legion!
  4. I'm very sad I did not get to meet you. Maybe in some other galaxy.
  5. Plenty of great troopers around the Houston area to help you out. Trooping at Space Center (NASA) is one of my favorite troops.
  6. If you want to meet a few of your future garrison mates, we will be at the Barnes and Noble at La Cantera this Saturday, August, 21 from 2-4 pm. As far as undersuit is concerned, HeatGear from Under Armour works best for me. Welcome!
  7. How hot is it?? Make sure you get some fans for your helmet. I usually troop in 90-95 degree weather and could not do it without them.
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